How Often Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

Remodelling a bathroom refers to the changes made to its overall look. It focuses on making changes to the design and layout. However, being a homeowner, you may not want to remodel it too soon. Or, pay heavily for the replacements because it was too late.

Going by the trends, you should remodel your bathroom every 4 to 5 years. This is the timeframe where you may notice colours fading away and issues with the fixtures. Moreover, the same old design can make you sick. A remodelled bathroom revamps the look of your home or boosts ROI if you want to attract potential buyers.

How often should you remodel your bathroom?

There is no fixed rule when it comes to bathroom remodelling. However, the amount of time varies between homeowners. And, it depends on how old the home is, preferences, and so on. Most homeowners tend to remodel their bathrooms once in their lifetime after owning the home.

And, their bathrooms change when they are planning for major home renovations. As such, bathroom remodelling gets done every 10 to 15 years at most. Remodelling your bathroom is the best way to upgrade your interior, increase the value of your property, and ensure that you are having a comfortable place for your everyday routine.

When should you remodel your bathroom?

As said, homeowners tend to remodel their bathrooms every 10 to 15 years. Apart from that, there are certain circumstances where you may feel the need to upgrade your bathroom. Here are a few considerations that indicate you should upgrade your bathroom for good.

When you feel the design needs a makeover – Does your bathroom have tacky wallpaper, ugly fixtures, or outdated design? If so, you need to remodel your bathroom. Make sure to evaluate the style issues that you are having with your bathroom.

And, remodel it taking into account all the latest bathroom trends. The feel and look of a bathroom are very important. Hence, it is one of the biggest reasons for bathroom up-gradation.

When you have issues regarding functionality – Having problems with the brightness of walls? Falling short on storage? Got a faulty shower that’s leaking? Or, having broken floor tiles? These are some of the serious issues that most homeowners face. So, the safety and functionality of your bathroom are a great sign that you need to invest in home renovations.

When the old bathroom layout isn’t working – Maybe the bathroom layout is awkward and doesn’t flow according to your preference. On such occasions, you need bathroom remodelling.

Suppose, you have a large space for a bathroom. But there aren’t things to compensate for the space. Adding wall shelves, a self-contained shower, or a floating sink can bring a drastic change in the layout of your bathroom. And, all these are done without compromising their functionality.

When you are sick and tired of unpleasant odour – When you keep the bathroom clean, it relieves you from bad odours. However, if a bad smell persists even after cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, it’s time for remodeling your bathroom.

You may need a new ventilation system or the toilet seal might have leaked on it. Also, there could be some mould issues causing the odour. All kinds of bad odours vanish when you upgrade your existing bathroom.

When it’s been over 5 years – A lot of homeowners tend to remodel their bathrooms about 4 to 5 years down the road. The modifications normally include changing the fixtures with what’s been trending according to the latest designs.

If you believe in this theory, it could be a worthy upgrade. Moreover, the upgrades are small such as fixture replacements or installing new tiles.

What does a remodelled bathroom do for you?

A remodelled bathroom carries a lot of benefits and makes you satisfied. A brand new bathroom doesn’t only make you feel good, but also it recreates your vision to what you have imagined. It gives intense pleasure when you use new and updated fixtures.

In short, it promotes positivity and impacts your life. From the monetary aspect, a renovated bathroom adds value to your property. While simplest renovations include updating fixtures, it gives the bathroom a modern feel. It’s a great way to attract potential buyers. Remodelling your bathroom is worth your time and money.

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