Transform Your Bathroom into a Calm Space for Meditation

In today’s stressful and chaotic world, millions of people practice calming meditation. Some are long-time practitioners with years of experience in traditional eastern practices. Many just take time out each day for mindfulness meditation that helps them stay centered and calm. While it is possible to meditate anywhere, it is becoming common to transform a home space into a meditation room, and bathrooms are often the most sensible choice. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t always take major changes to get the desired effect. After all, relaxing in a bath is already the ideal way to clear the mind, so why not add other features that maximize benefits? Creating an uncluttered environment, using scent, and installing an inviting tub work well. The right lighting and sound can also make a big difference.

1.  A Clean Space Invites Calm

A bathroom that will be used for meditation must be clean and uncluttered. The point of meditation is to clear the mind of clutter, which can be hard to do in a physically messy space. Many homeowners help ensure their meditation areas stay uncluttered by adding plenty of storage options during renovations

For example, when planning a bathroom remodel Des Moines clients often include features such as tubs with hidden storage. They might also build floating shelves and opt for under-cabinet storage.

2.  Aromas Create an Atmosphere

Aromatherapy is closely linked to meditation because many aromas have a calming effect on the mind. Millions of people disperse essential oils throughout their homes to create a soothing atmosphere, and the same technique can be used for a bathroom meditation space.

Per Healthline, orange essential oils are ideal for meditation, and lavender is also great for relieving stress. Each person should experiment and then decide which scent best helps them best clear their mind and reach a calm state.

3.  Invest in a Good Tub

A bathtub is a perfect place to meditate because warm or hot water slows the parasympathetic nervous system, making breathing easier. Since most people already associate a bath with stress relief, it is easy for most to get into a meditative state while bathing.

It helps to have an inviting tub. With that in mind, homeowners who enjoy meditating in the bath often choose beautiful models such as retro stand-alone bathtubs, and soaking tubs are ideal. 

4.  Music Will Soothe the Mind

Adding a sound system to a bathroom can enhance the meditation experience. Installing a good sound system in the bathroom can instantly set the mood for meditation. A Bluetooth speaker shelf that allows soothing music to be piped in is ideal, and suppliers offer water-proof speakers that work well

It is easy to find a selection of music or sounds for meditation. A quick Internet search will turn up dozens of choices on YouTube, and there are sites devoted to meditation offering tracks for specific meditations.

5.  The Right Lighting Makes All the Difference

Lighting also plays a part in creating a bathroom meditation area. Consider adding soft ambient lighting and installing dimmer switches that make it easy to create a calming environment. Meditation has become very popular, and there is nowhere better to enjoy its calming benefits than in the bath. It is easy to create a meditation bathroom by adding music, sound, and the right lighting. The space needs to remain uncluttered, so it should include enough storage, and it helps to invest in a comfortable soaking tub.

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