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Are you thinking of to renovate your old house to give a modern feel?  Then stay tuned today  we’re going to discuss on how can you give a new life to your old house?

Take a peek into Ahm House, an old house given a new life after renovation.

This new modern house in Hertfordshire England that was originally built by a Danish architect JørnUtzon was recently renovated and given a new life through a renovation by architecture studio Coppin Dockray. Ahm House was the only building in England that was built by Utzon. The house was designed for Dane and PovlAhm, who at that time was part of Ove Arup & Partners and worked with Utzon in The Sydney Opera House.

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To a pleasant surprise, the house upon its renovation was cared for very nicely and properly for years. The purpose of the Coppin Dockray renovation was solely to infuse a contemporary soul to such classic building, but still staying true to the original design of the building.

“The house is a masterfully conceived building. There is a clever choreography in the way that this building was designed to be experienced. Our approach was to work to highlight the visceral character of the house. To draw attention to the fine material qualities, the shifting play of light on the interior surfaces and to allow the house to be experienced in a simple, intuitive way.” told Sandra Coppin, co-founder of Coppin Dockray to Dezeen upon an interview about the house.

Built in the 1961, the house was just a one-storey building; but the floor was made to follow the contour of the landscape. Thanks to the large windows, visually the materials are consistent for both the interior and exterior as the bricks continue on from the outside to the inside. It was pale Aylesbury bricks that was used to frame the structure. The ceiling is decorated with warm wood while the floors are continuous with ceramic tiles being used from the outdoor area to the indoor area as well.

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Other than that, the design team created a few furniture pieces for the house, including a green marble and canary wood coffee table and shelving unit made out of Oregon pine wood and black linoleum. Some of the mid-century modern furniture pieces including Arne Jacobsen Egg chair and Poul Henningsen PH5 pendant light accompany Faye Toogood’s spade chair beautifully in the space.

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The living area is pushed at the way to the east while most of the bedrooms are located in west. There is also a bedroom on the extension that was added by architect UlrikPlesner in 1970s, which frames the northeast side of the garden. The layout of this house has changed overtime, so what a great and full of history building we are seeing here!

Photo credits: dezeen

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