Customizing Your 3 Car Garage To Fit Your Lifestyle And Needs

Finally, you have hit the big time to upgrade your triple prefab three car garage. Now comes the part where you customize it to fit your lifestyle and needs. Are you a gearhead with a wonderful car collection, a DIY enthusiast with tools galore, or simply looking to transform garage space to accommodate household items & a personal area? The possibilities are endless here. You can make the space truly yours as follows.

Customize Your 3 Car Garage: Where Function Meets Style

1. Assess Your Needs

How do you determine what features are essential? Simply analyze the use of a garage beyond parking your cars. Will it serve as a storage area, a workshop, or a home office? Knowing the purpose will guide you further in making correct customization decisions.

Outdoor Space With Lean-To

You can install a lean-to for storing items that are not temperature sensitive. It is a roof-only structure that can be installed on either side of three car garages. You can also use this space as a patio or shaded deck.

Do You Need Loft Space?

Metal structures are low-rise buildings that can accommodate a mezzanine or loft area. You can park your car and use loft space as personal storage, office space, or DIY project room.

2. Design The Layout

How can you maximize the storage and workspace? Simply by using smart storage solutions. If you are planning to use your garage as a parking cum storage unit, install vertically adjustable shelves, racks, and off-floor cabinets. This will make your floor area free of clutter, and you can easily park your vehicles.

Another thing you need to know is what size triple wide garages will suit you. Keep in mind the size and model of your vehicle. Because not all your cars are the same size. Here is the average size of a prefab three car garage.

The following sizes are supposed to fit three sedan cars in the garage.

  • Minimum: 18 feet wide x 30 feet long
  • Average: 20 feet wide x 36 feet long
  • Extra Large: 20 to 40 feet wide x 41 to 71 feet long

Note: The height can vary from 10 to 16 feet. You can even customize it as per your needs and local guidelines. Keep at least 2.5 feet of space on either side of the car to ensure the car’s door opens easily without slamming into another.

3. Choose The Right Flooring

What are the durable & aesthetic options available? The best suitable floor for a 3 car steel garage will be the concrete slab. It is durable, can bear more weight, and needs less upkeep.

Rubber tile floors above concrete provide cushioning and act as shock absorbers when doing repair work or exercising. They also protect the concrete underneath from damage.

4. Insulation & Ventilations

If you are planning to use your garage space as a workshop or storage space, be sure to install an insulator and proper vent system. They will reduce heat transfer and keep moisture and humidity in check. They also help soundproof walls, roofs, and doors.

After installing the insulator, install a drywall and then either paint it over or use wallpaper. Make sure the wallpaper you choose isn’t very loud.

5. Lighting Options

Wire the ceiling with fiber optic lighting to increase visibility and make your interior aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate natural lights such as skylights, solar tubes, and clerestory windows. Install track lighting with LED for energy efficiency and focus to carry out work easily.

Tip: Try to enhance the visibility and ambiance of the garage with various lighting options.

6. Do You Need A Workspace?

Do you need a space to relax, read, as a home office, or do workshop activities? If so, 3 car metal garages would be best for you. Include smart home features, enhance Wi-Fi signal, and give a designated area for DIY projects. This will keep your garage clutter-free and organized most of the time.

Tip: If you are planning to create a guest house or a living dwelling unit, a convenient half bath would be nice. You can convert it into a man cave, she shed, gaming room, personal library, or family home theater.

7. Amenities & Décor

Whether for storage or as a DIY space, investing in organizers will keep clutter off the floor.

Organizational Systems

Explore options like shelving, cabinets, and tool storage solutions. You can install pegboards and magnetic strips to keep frequently used items on the display.

If you are using your three car steel garage as a dwelling unit, invest in a refrigerator, sink, and other entertainment options to make a comfortable living space for you and your guests. Opt for designs and décor items that reflect your style & interests.

8. Door

Place the door strategically to allow easy vehicle access and not hinder the interior space. You can pick sectional, roll-up, slide-to-side, or double-side-hinged doors. If your garage isn’t tall enough, we suggest avoiding installing tilt-up canopy style or tilt-up retractable doors as they take up roof space when opened.

French or Belgian style steel and glass doors are in style right now. You can install them instead of a regular, plain roll-on door. Sturdy steel and heavy-duty glass can enhance security. The individual steel sections make it hard for burglars to enter. They will provide you security and let natural light flood in at the same time.

9. Maintenance Tips

To prolong the lifespan of triple wide garages, keep the interior and exterior clean and organized. Tackle any minor issues, such as dents, scratches, etc., promptly. Quick repair will save time and money in the long run. You can do regular inspections of both the interior and exterior. If you see any signs of wear, address it immediately.

For people living in rainy and snowy areas, it is best to have vertical roof metal panels along with gutters to carry all water. A well-organized interior discourages pests and insects, and you can easily find the item.

For cleaning, you can use warm water with mild soap. Use a soft bristle brush only to remove any stain or bird droppings from exterior panels or the roof.

Your Garage, Your Way

Make your garage uniquely yours whether you have a 3 car garage or buying a three-car metal garage . From installing high-tech storage solutions to creating designated zones for each item, the key is to think outside the box and let your creativity run wild. Who says prefab three-car garages can’t double as a personal space or DIY workshop? So, go ahead and customize the way you want with the help of the tips mentioned above, and make the garage uniquely yours!

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