How to Choose the Right Lighting For Your Home

When building a brand new house, doing renovations, or moving into a new house, all else seems to take precedence before lighting. The structure, size, fittings, decorations, furniture, and house equipment tend to be the main focus of most homeowners.

The best electricians in Newcastle can tell you that what many don’t know is, even with the best-built, perfectly decorated house, the wrong lighting, or lack thereof will make everything look way worse and less appealing.

But with a near endless list of lighting designs to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what to pick or what would work best for different spaces in your home. So to help point you in the right direction, here are some tips on choosing the right lighting for your home.

right lighting for your home

But First, Here Are The Major Types of Lighting

There are three main types of lighting that you can use inside your home. They include,

● Task Lighting

This type of lighting is designed to provide lighting for specific uses. Task lighting is ideal for activities like reading, applying makeup, painting/drawing, and so on.

● Ambient lighting

This generally refers to the main source of light. Usually fixed directly above the center of the room to ensure adequate visibility.

● Accent lighting

If you want to use lighting to decorate a room, then accent lighting will completely transform your space. Use such lighting to draw attention to a painting, the fireplace, and your family photos and so on.

Tips on Choosing the Right Lighting for your Home

● Intended Space

Is the stairway too dark? Do you need lighting to highlight the new painting hung on the wall? Or do you simply need to be able to see around your living room? Different spaces require different types of lighting. For example, if you use accent lighting as the only source of lighting for your entire living area, then there will be areas where visibility will be incredibly limited. In this case, ambient lighting would work best.

Consider using two or all three types of lighting sources as listed above to achieve sufficient visibility and to maintain the appeal of your spaces.

● Main Function

What do you need the light for? The answer to this question is what will tell you which type of light to pick. If you want to see better when reading, then task lighting will suffice. If you want to light up a dark corner, then accent lighting will do the trick.

Alternatively, ambient lighting is best to light up areas like the living room, the garage, or the patio where optimum illumination is, indeed, necessary.

● Ceiling Height

How high up your ceiling is will dictate the type of lighting you choose. Some lights come with rods or cables that can allow you to adjust the height of the light fixture. However, others don’t.  You want to avoid choosing a light fixture that’s either too low or too high to serve its purpose properly.

This especially if you want a light for your dining area or your study area. Here, you are safer if you stick to low lying lights with bigger sized bulbs for efficient visibility. If you want to play around with the height, find a larger light fixture because it can be set higher on the ceiling and a smaller light if you want to bring it lower.

Good lighting can quickly transform your home and make it appear warmer and more welcoming. Above are simple tips to help you choose the perfect lighting for all your spaces.

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