Decor of Ball Python Snake

If you are an owner of a ball python, consider yourself as a lucky person. It’s because Ball python would make a fantastic pet and they are small, docile. Be thankful, as they are not difficult to raise too. Once you are done with the enclosure, you might be focusing on the humidifier, thermometer, heat pads and other sources.

However, apart from these things, it won’t hurt to décor your pet’s enclosure with some accessories. They would stimulate their both physical and mental behaviour. Let us have a look at such vital accessories.

Water dish

Your python would be thrilled if they found a water dish in their habitat and too filled with fresh water. They not only quench their thirst in the water but also like to soak in it. The presence of water dishes is evident in the shedding period. Select a water bowl made with heavy ceramic as they won’t break during accidents.


Won’t you need some space along whenever you feel stressed? Just like that, Ball pythons would feel safe and less stressed when they got hidden in their habitat. It’s natural for them to hide in the native wild environment. Hides should be present on both sides that are the warm and cold side of the enclosure. It would be better if you have hides files with moss to improve shedding.

The hides should compress the python to make it comfortable. If the hides found to have more space in it, it would create more stress in it.


Nothing would make snakes feel fresh than the plants. Here, you can opt for both natural and artificial foliage. But the natural plants are filtered for the use in the terrarium. Such preferred plants are Aloe vera and Echeveria as they won’t hurt the giant-sized ball python. Pothos which is otherwise called Devils ivy, would also look good on the enclosure.

If you want to go for artificial greenery options, you can find it a lot in the online shops. They are highly preferred as they can withstand any conditions, unlike the fragile natural plants.


Branches not only create a natural scenario in the terrarium but also stimulate the health condition of the ball pythons. Hang some thick branches in their habitat, which would lead the way to improve muscle tone, decrease obesity and stimulate the appetite in your pet.

Although they are a terrestrial organism, they would also enjoy climbing the branches as they are avid climbers. In nature, it’s normal for them to climb the trees to look out for their prey. If you are not good with branches, you can choose woods such as oak and birch. Ball pythons like to rub themselves in the logs during stress and shedding periods to relieve tension.

Imagine your home without any decorations like furniture or television. Won’t you feel empty? It’s similar to your pet too. Belonging to a natural tropical region of Africa, ball pythons require the enclosure which replicates such an environment. Hence, creating a natural habitat with the requirements as mentioned above would make your slippery friends both happy and healthy.

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