These Are the Top 4 Summer Décor Trends

As the seasons change, so do we. This is why adopting lifestyles that coincide with the switching seasons helps us to gain balance and vitality, making us feel happy, inspired, and most importantly, energized. In my experience, this mentality should also extend to our homes.

For example, for me, regular décor updates play a huge part in how I feel about my home, which is why my preference shifts toward more breezy and cool spaces as the days get hotter and longer. Feeling inspired by the height of the summer season, I did my research to discover the top summer décor trends for 2022. Intrigued?

Let’s find out what the interior designing industry holds for us this year

1. Juicy Color Palette

The juicy color palette—reminiscent of a hot summer day—will never go out of style, but how you put it to use makes all the difference. There are millions of color applications, and I believe 2022 will be a big year to introduce them in fresh ways.

This reminds me that not all of the walls need to be repainted with new paint for it to have an effect. Brush up the spots where you really want to pack a punch—with shades you would see at sunrise or sunset—for an instant mood boost.

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2. Nature—Lots of Nature

Any room, whether it be the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the entrance, may benefit from the energizing effect of plants. However, be cautious about familiarizing yourself with your plants’ requirements since the summer heat may demand extra care.

Paul Rochford and Michael Violante are among the designers credited with starting the trend of bringing an abundance of natural elements into the interiors of private residences, and I couldn’t agree with them more.

3. En-Plein-Air Vibe

The rising temperatures in the northern hemisphere mean more time spent getting some fresh air. In other words, it means more time outdoors. This year, I’ve found that refined designs and chunky, cozy furniture are all the rage.

However, by any chance, if you don’t have an outdoor living space, you may still bring the feeling of being out in the fresh air into your house by incorporating some creative decorating ideas. All you need is some rugs or accessories made from jute.

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4. Precious Metals

Does metal art ever really go out of style? Sometimes, we find it all over people’s homes, and at other times, a little goes a long way. However, it seems to be back in style—at least for 2022. Not only do precious metals like gold remain popular, but other metals like bronze are also witnessing a renaissance.

Decorating with metals, along with the other summer trends, is guaranteed to inspire some creative thinking in you. If you’re not someone who likes a lot of “bling,” simply use understated traces in the form of traditional accents, and you’re good to go.

The Final Cut about Summer Décor Trends

When it comes to being on the top of the summer décor trends this year, you have various options to choose from. So, whether you want a splash of juicy color to mirror the typical tones of summer or more delicate hues of precious metal decors that will remain throughout the seasons, either way, both work in favor of 2022. So what will it be for you? Write to us in the comments below. By any chance, if you’re a property manager who has spent money on summer (or any seasonal) décor trends but can’t seem to sell the property online, work with GoodJuJu—America’s leading marketing agency for property managers. Let us show you why property management companies trust GoodJuJu for all their marketing activities. Up for a quick chat? Let’s connect!

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