11 Tips to Maintain a Neat House with Closet Systems

Keeping a tidy house is a challenging task and can take a significant chunk of your day. Misplaced shoes, coats, jackets, and bags create most of the clutter in your living space. 

Closet systems can be beneficial in maintaining the cleanliness of your home by de-cluttering it. Essentially, these purpose-built closets can help store all your things in one place. 

Let’s dive into tips that will help you keep your house clean with the help of a closet system.   

1. Add Some Drawers

You must add some drawers to the closet. They reduce space wastage and allow more items to be stored in a smaller space. The drawers also help in keeping similar things together, making it easier to find them. 

2. Use Storage Baskets

Storage baskets can help you organize all kinds of things. You can put them on top of each other and save space. From your small makeup items to gloves to neckties, they can all fit in storage baskets. They will be easily accessible and will not create clutter in the closet system.  

3. The Right Shoe Rack

Shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe, and you should handle them carefully. Finding the correct shoe rack is necessary for a clean home. 

Ideally, use a multi-layered shoe rack to utilize space efficiently. This way, the shoes will also not squish each other, which de-shapes them.  

4. Use Divider Tags

You may be hanging your coats and jackets, shirt, pants, and pajamas in a single closet. It is easy for things to get mingled up and turn the closet into a mess. Use dividers to designate space for each type of clothing that you hang to get rid of this problem. It will keep the closet clean and your mind at ease.  

5. Use Smart Hangers 

If you have many items that need to hang, you need to think outside the box. Smart hangers are available that allow you to maximize space utilization. You can hang several hangers together and easily double the space usage. These hangers are particularly handy if you have a lot of shirts.  

6. Put Some Labels on

You can expect quite a few drawers and boxers in the closet. Instead of purely relying on your memory, label these boxes and drawers. It will help you instantly put away things and find them quickly too. Otherwise, you may end up opening six drawers before you can find the leather belt you’re looking for.  

7. Drawers for Smaller Items

Smaller items can make a massive mess in your home. It would be best to have drawers designated for the smaller things in your closet system to avoid the problem. 

Your ribbons, neckties, belts, watches, undergarments, socks, and the like can go into designated drawers to ensure that the home does not clutter and they’re easy to find.   

8. Use the Luggage

If you travel and have suitcases in your custom closet, it’s time to put them to good use. You can store things that you do not commonly need in these bags, such as offseason clothes. 

This way, you can efficiently use space. Using luggage for storage purposes may not be a practical idea if you’re a frequent traveler. 

9. Use Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum bags remove all air from the bag once the item is in it. It is a great way to store clothing for an extended period. You can also use these bags for storing offseason clothing to ensure dust and other contaminants do not damage them. 

10. Benefit from Hinged Doors

Most closets have sliding doors, but using hinged doors can be a great idea. Hinged doors allow you to access the entire wardrobe at once, and moving large items into the closet becomes easier. You can also use door organizers to carry numerous smaller items and save space in the closet. 

11. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff  

There are always items that you never use and, most likely, never will. It is a good idea to get rid of excess products. This way, you will free up some much-needed space, and someone else will be able to benefit from them. You can give them away or sell them in a garage sale or online to earn some extra bucks. 

The Bottom Line to Maintain Closet

Closet systems can be mighty effective in keeping your home clean. You must be innovative and willing to use them efficiently and think outside the box. With the right ideas, you can very easily keep your house neat and clean.

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