Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom

Needless to say, your bedroom is the most special place in the whole house. So, you must put a lot of thought and consideration into designing it.

While doing that, it’s good to think about the following

1. Color

The color of the bedroom wall can define the entire room. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into painting their bedroom walls with the right color, design, or texture.

To create more subtle transitions, go with neutral tones like greys, whites, and pinks. However, if you want to go bold, you can pick something like royal blue or bright red. But, make sure there’s plenty of natural sunlight in your room for this to work.

Painting the wrong wall color could create a depressing atmosphere. So beware! When in doubt, go with neutral shades as they are highly flexible and go well with most decor.

2. Lighting

Sometimes, it’s not the decor itself that creates an impression of beauty but the light illuminating the decor. Therefore, it’s always good to have your bed adjacent or opposite any windows so that natural light can come in.

During darker hours, you would still want your room to be well lit. For that, you can place a ceiling light in the middle of the room. Placing a few lamps on the dresser or the nightstand is another great idea.

3. Storage

You don’t use your bedroom just for sleeping. It also houses a ton of personal items. Besides clothing, you perhaps also have a lot of books or some art supplies. It’s good to have a nice organizational system to neatly organize and store everything.

At the very least, invest in a quality dresser, one nightstand, and a small side table or two for your bedside. If the space allows, go for a bigger closet for all your clothes and linens.

Why is Bedroom Decorating important?

1. It’s a Place to Relax

Your bedroom should be your safe haven; and as such, it deserves the right kind of decor. Let’s face it. We all have things to take care of. Between managing your kids, career, home; things can get pretty overwhelming. In those times, you need a quiet, peaceful, tranquil place to unwind.

A well-designed and beautiful bedroom is like a private oasis that you can retire to when in need of an escape. The right kind of decor helps to put together just that place.

2. A Place to Call Your Own

This may be hard to believe, but the way you think and feel and your whole outlook towards life depends largely on how personalized, beautiful, and organized your bedroom is.

A well-managed room can encourage creativity and a positive mindset. People can think more clearly in a healthy, conducive space. You can accomplish more things with far greater accuracy in a well-designed room with no distractions and disturbances.

Your bedroom can be a place where all of your greatest ideas come to you and flourish.

Decoration Tips for Your Bedroom

1. Add A Comfortable Rug

Other than investing in living room rugs, you can also have one for your bedroom. A rug can be a huge statement piece; not to mention, it can make your living comfortable as well. Go out and explore a few of these.

There are so many to pick from such as traditional, Morrocan, Casablanca, etc. Go with something soft, stylish, timeless with bold geometric prints or hand-woven designs.

2. Think about the visual weight of furniture

Every piece of furniture comes with some visual weight. Be wary of this while going furniture shopping. If you have a tiny bedroom, invest in a minimalistic bed without the headboard to create a clean, less-cluttered look.

However, if you have a big space, a bulky bed with a huge beadboard covering the back wall makes more sense. Also, add a nice wallpaper going all the way up with a few paintings to create a fuller appearance.

If you have a tiny bedroom, you can always go with large-scale mirrors that create the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Layer Your Lighting

You don’t have to install only a table lamp, overhead light, or a chandelier. There are so many ways in which you can play with the lighting. Layers of lighting can illuminate different aspects of your home decor. It can make the whole room so much more cohesive, functional, and vivacious.

To that end, you can invest in a few pieces like reading lights, dimmers, sconces, pendant lights, bedside lamps, floor lamps, etc.

4. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

It’s understandable why many decorators wind up ignoring the single biggest clean surface in the entire bedroom. Remember, your ceiling is a major untapped resource to utilize in terms of decor.

For a special twist, you might want to paint it an interesting color. You could even have it wallpapered or have some colorful patterns on it. Alternatively, you can go with molded ceiling designs.

5. Indulge in Luxurious Linens

It’s amazing how much difference quality, luxurious fabrics can make. For inspiration, check out how high-end hotels do it like the Ritz, Saint Regis, and Four Seasons do it.

They always have crisp, smooth linens on their beds. Try to recreate something along the same lines. Aim for 100% cotton or something with a thread count of 350 or above.

You can also go with soft, plush cashmere throws and mohair for your reading chair. You can also hang silk draperies and have plush floor rugs/covers.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this post gave you some inspiration and ideas on how to go about decorating your bedroom.

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