Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Vinyl Siding (and Why It’s Important!)

Your siding is starting to look a little well gross is the nice word for it. It’s covered in a wide variety of stains and mold. Yeah, you’ve put off the project for a little too long.

Until you get around to it, you leave the siding vulnerable to bacteria that will eat away at it. It can even make your family sick, and it ruins what curb appeal you have.

The good news is that cleaning vinyl siding isn’t too difficult if you’ve got the right tools at your disposal. Check out this guide to learn how to get the job done.

Making Vinyl Cleaner

All you really need as far as chemicals go for vinyl siding care is a specialty cleaner and a little water. If you don’t have that on hand or can’t find it, don’t worry. You can make your own.

All you need is a bottle of Dawn dish liquid, a bucket, and warm water. It might not work quite as well as the specialty cleaners, but it will suit your purposes.

Scrubbing the Siding

Dip a soft-bristled brush into your bucket of cleaner and run it up the wall in a single direction. Start at the bottom when you do this, or some streaking may occur.

When you finish a section, grab your garden hose and rinse the solution away. You want to do this before the soap mixture dries or the results won’t be what you want them to be.

Tackling the Tough Spots

If you have any serious mold, paint trips, tar, and other stains going on, you’ll have to be a little more thorough. You can use ammonia-based cleaners as long as you don’t combine them with bleach.

You can also use a solution that’s made up of four parts water and one part bleach. Don’t use paint thinners, paint removers, non-diluted chlorine bleach, or furniture cleaners on vinyl material. It will ruin it.

Whatever cleaning solution you decide to use, rinse it with your garden hose before it dries into the siding. This is an important part of vinyl siding maintenance.

Is Pressure Washing Necessary?

How long does siding last? If you give it a good pressure washing every now again, the answer is a while. You can extend the life of your vinyl for years to come.

You can rent a washer from a variety of places. Once you have it, it’s only a matter of putting the soap in the machine’s container and attaching the soap nozzle.

You want to use the lowest pressure nozzle you have. This way, you don’t damage the siding in your cleaning efforts.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding Until It Shines

Are you tired of your home siding bringing down your curb appeal? Cleaning vinyl siding isn’t as hard as it may seem. As long as you have the right tools and cleaners at your disposal, you can get the job done in a day.

Are you looking for more ways to keep your home sparkling clean? Check out our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks.

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