Why Invest In Vinyl Siding

When it comes to your home’s exterior, you can’t neglect it at any point. To the eyes of buyers, renters, or investors, the outside of your home is a point of pride, enhancing its curb appeal and overall value. And here’s why choosing the right siding for the exterior of your home is crucial.

But which option is best for you? Do you go with a classic siding, like James Hardie? Or do you invest in the possibility of stucco? There are so many choices that it can be a nightmare to decide which is the best choice for your home.

This is why we’ll eliminate that problem for you by focusing on vinyl siding.

Okay, so what is vinyl siding?

Just like other types of siding, vinyl is made as an exterior covering for homes. It is made from a durable plastic resin that offers a wealth of advantages that make it a smart choice.

What are these benefits?

If you see the list below, you can instantly tell that vinyl siding is a worthwhile investment for your home’s exterior. Consider the following:

  • High-level durability, which is designed to ensure that the home is protected against all forms of external forces, such as hail, wind, and snowstorms. You’ll be getting a strong product that is worth its protection.
  • Available in an array of colours, patterns, and styles, vinyl siding can complement any household and fit in with your personal tastes and decors. This also eliminates painting your household, which saves on money – more on that below.
  • It will enhance your home’s style and decor, adding a unique curb appeal while improving home value.
  • Compared to other siding choices, vinyl is also reasonably easy to maintain. All you need to do is spray it with a hose when it gets dirty or use a pressure-wash if there is grime stuck to it.
  • Furthermore, this level of maintenance also applies to its durability for repairs. You can expect that there will be fewer issues with the material, thereby resulting in costly repairs for damages.
  • The installation process is not as expensive as it seems. Having a highly qualified roofing company that specializes in siding, such as Hubbard Exteriors & Roofing from Calgary, Canada, can ensure that the work is completed within the desired timeframe, without issues.
  • Finally, when you combine the low-level maintenance, the low cost of installation, the durability of the product, and the savings you’ll experience with minimal repairs and cleaning, vinyl siding is the most effective siding option out there.

How much does vinyl siding cost?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the cost of vinyl siding without considering the following factors when organizing installation:

  • The size and shape of your home
  • The quality of the vinyl siding itself (some are better than others)
  • The cost of the labour hire (the better the company, the more they will charge)
  • If you need to remove any previous siding or exteriors

However, some ballpark figures can help you with your search. So on average, according to Home Guide, it “costs between $3 and $11 per square foot with the average homeowner spending $4,300 to $15,800 to install on a 2,000-square-foot home”.

While they might seem a lot, the National Association of Realtors indicates that the average amount recouped is $10,000, making it a very viable investment return compared to other home improvements.

So is vinyl siding worth it?

When you consider all the benefits that come with vinyl siding, coupled with the better than most ROI, you can see why it is a classic choice when it comes to your home’s exterior.

Many homeowners rave about the vinyl siding, speaking about its popularity and value. When it comes to upgrading or improving your home, then vinyl siding is a smart choice for you.

Just remember that proper installation is critical. If you don’t put that siding incorrectly, it can lead to more future problems. Make sure that you hire a high-quality roofing contractor to do the job correctly for you.

Ultimately, vinyl siding can be a solid investment in your home and one that you must take up when it calls for it.

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