5 Bedroom Decor Trends to Give Your Home a New Look

Have you found yourself stuck at home a lot more recently due to the coronavirus pandemic? Instead of viewing this as dull and boring, try to consider it as an opportunity to revamp the look and feel of your home.

With any home improvement idea or project, it’s always wiser to start small, especially if you are not an expert. How about your bedroom? Look around and ask yourself: is there anything that could be enhanced, removed, or added?

If you would like to give your bedroom a new lease of life, then don’t look any further. In this article, we’ll let you in on five amazing bedroom decor trends that you are sure to love.

1. The Power of Going Green

Green, in all its shades, is a very trendy color at the moment. Both because it is evocative of a collective effort to be more environmentally friendly, and because of its alleged mental health benefits.

So, why not embrace the green hype and add a splash of mint or sage to your bedroom decor? Green bedding, pillows, rugs, and throws are all the rage at the moment. Adding a plant or two will also enhance that natural, fresh, airy vibe that this beautiful color conveys.

If you’re not too fond of green, then another good color option is blue, in all its shades. By picking a blue palette, you could even design a sea-inspired bedroom and add this nautical ceiling fan with a light.

2. Tribal Meets Minimalist

Do you love native art but are also fond of simple, smooth patterns and styles? With this trend, you can have the best of both worlds. Combining tribal artworks, decorative objects, or pieces of furniture with minimalist ones is a winning choice.

For example, you could mix a black and white tribal rug with a black iron canopy bed frame, in a triumph of bold and artisanal styles. Another interesting and fun idea is to select one of these two styles as the more prominent and scatter a few small touches of the other style across the room.

So, you might end up with a minimalist bedroom featuring some native figurines, a hand-woven dreamcatcher, or a wooden, hand-carved jewelry stand. The end result? A stunning, vibrant, and unique encounter of two distant worlds, that truly matches your personality and style.

3. You’ve Been Framed

We mentioned bed frames, but this topic deserves its own section now. Have you always dreamt of having a canopy bed frame, but wondered whether that was a bit too old-fashioned for a modern bedroom? Well, you’re in luck, because canopy bed frames have well and truly made a huge comeback.

Furniture and design experts state that it might have something to do with the sense of coziness, safety, and warmth that bed frames inspire, and which more and more people are seeking during these unprecedented times. Whether or not this is the case for you, if you want a canopy bed frame then this is the perfect time to get one.

Again, you can opt for simple, straight frames, or for more sophisticated and boho ones, depending on the result that you aim to achieve. Remember that you can always mix and match a bolder, smoother style with a more vintage-inspired one, for a look that’s really one-of-a-kind.

4. Vintage Accents

Vintage features have always been particularly suitable for bedrooms. This is because they are reminiscent of romantic rooms from old classic movies and books, that many people still love today. If you are into this type of furniture, then why not add a few vintage pieces to your bedroom?

For example, a very trendy idea could be to incorporate vintage screens into your bed. By placing them right behind the headboard (or, in fact, by using them instead of a traditional headboard) you can achieve that whimsical, idyllic vibe that you were looking for.

5. Make a Statement With Your Bed

However you decide to look at it, and regardless of how many beautiful objects and pieces of furniture you have on display in your bedroom, the real star of the show is always one: your bed.

The bed should be the centerpiece of your room, and possibly the item that you invest the most money in. If you have been itching to get a new bed, then go ahead because there is a huge trend to get on board with right now — statement beds.

A statement bed does what it says on the tin: it helps you make a great, bold impression. When choosing a statement bed, you should still keep in mind what style the rest of the room will have, and consider whether the bed will fit in nicely or end up clashing with it.

Statement beds can feature impressive, unique headboards, or they can be huge in size or quirky in shape. Of course, when it comes to selecting your statement bed, you’re still going to have to be realistic. If your bedroom is too small, for example, a super king-size might not work well.

You could opt for a smaller bed but invest in a cool headboard, luxury pillows, and an unusual shape. Don’t let your space (or budget) stop you from achieving your dream bed: just think outside the box, use your creativity, and you’re bound to find the perfect bed for your room.

Bedroom Decor Trends That Excite and Inspire

These are just some of the most amazing and exciting bedroom decor trends that you can expect to see in 2021. Which one will you pick for your home?

Whether you are a vintage lover or prefer tribal art with a contemporary twist, just make sure that your bedroom style doesn’t clash with the rest of your house and that it reflects your personality.

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