Best Residential Landscape Designs

Residential landscaping means improving the area and atmosphere of home because of the fact that it is a reflection of the people who live and reside there. The first impression is the last impression and that is why it turns out to be extremely important improving and improvising the area of our home as the visitor will form his first impression of the home and also the people who live there. Landscaping means adding value and improving the features by modifying the atmosphere of any particular area for example; our home. Landscaping has many practical features such as improving atmosphere or features of your garden that affects overall working and aesthetics of your home and comes under the practical feature of landscaping other than that there are also unseen functionalities such as fixing drainage pipelines which are underground and are crucially important but remain unseen.

There are many landscaping designs that serve different purposes and have different aesthetics and features. When designing a landscape, it is crucially important to measure the size first of your place and then decide what you want to do as it could help in saving both time and money. First, spend time on thinking about what you want your final design to look like and then act and make budget accordingly. Then comes the part of deciding some additional things such as whether you want an area for swimming pool or if you want some area for gardening or even a play area for kids or maybe adults as well. Answering all these questions will help a great deal in designing a landscape that you really want. Modern times have brought along many solutions for us, even many websites like custom home landscaping auburn CA are providing the perfect solution for this issue as well.

Following are discussed and explained some best residential landscape designs across the world.


A cleaner, neat, and impeccable garden that includes different trees and flowers such as blueberries, figs, rose, and herbs look great in the cotton garden. It is considered as one of the old-style gardens but at the same time, it is high maintenance garden because of the flowers growing on the edge and needs a great amount of water as well as fertilizers.


A perfect garden for people who live in a hot region and experience a lot of sunshine and hot weather. This type of garden requires a minimal quantity of water because of the reason that such trees are planted that don’t require a lot of water such as cactus, palms etc. it is also becoming popular in other areas as well.


This type of garden uses orderly arrangements of plants and flowers instead of randomly placing and positioning them. Trees are planted close to each other with proper order and require a lot of water. This is the type of garden that requires a lot of water, hence high maintenance.


This type of garden is made keeping in mind different angles and positions and uses water and rock features and is basically found in the backyard. It requires different types of flowers and trees to improve the atmosphere and aesthetics and also other features such as pools, ponds etc. Oriental gardens are high maintenance because they require a great amount of water and other features as well.


This type of garden includes many trees, flowers, shrubs and many other features that help in complementing the aura and atmosphere of your home. It also includes many other elements such as bridges, benches, and bricks that make it high maintenance. These type of gardens give a relaxing and meditating atmosphere and look natural.


This type of garden is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money. The woodland landscape reflects the natural and relaxing atmosphere and has a different appearance than many of the other garden styles.


This type of gardening is a way to create and improve the natural habitat for the growth of butterflies, moth etc. different types and species of birds and butterflies are welcomed and are provided with food and water. Different species of butterflies are protected and provided an atmosphere to grow.


This type of garden includes growing different types of fruits and vegetables that are free from different types of hazardous chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides. Natural methods of gardening and growing fruits are followed. It also helps in relaxing and gives a very natural and peaceful look to your home and enhances the beauty at the same time.


This style is the most famous as of now and revolves around the main theme of spirituality. This type of style gives a natural and calm look to your home increasing its beauty. It includes planting, lanterns, flowers as so forth. This type of style requires an adequate level of water and is high maintenance.


This type of design is most commonly used and demanded very highly. All the lines in the garden maintain clarity and space, yet look beautiful. It includes different elements and features such as pebbles, concrete, and flowers to add beauty to the place. Different types of colour schemes are also used that enhances the beauty and most widely used colours are white, grey, and black. This type of design gives a comfortable look and gives a relaxing feeling.


This type of garden, as the name suggests, gives a natural look to your home and includes elements such as grass, plants, and flowers with water flowing at the edges and ponds as well. Other than these elements it also includes bricks, benches etc. to add beauty and aesthetics to your place and blends perfectly with your surroundings. This style gives a natural and relaxing look to the visitor and also the residents.


So, right now I am going to conclude this article as I think that I have described different residential landscape designs which can really help you in choosing the best way for designing your residential landscape in the most creative ways. As it is being said by many wise people that gardens are the area where people can find peace of mind and soothe their nerves and helps unleash our creativity. This saying really seems like true, because in my view I also think that the landscape area is just like a blank canvas for a creative person, which he/she can put all his creative ideas and just go with the rhythm of his/her mind and heart. So, you can turn your landscape area into a very special place with the help of your creative mind. So, just try the ideas that I have listed above and with them add some magic of your creative thoughts, you will surely get the best residential landscape designs.

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