Keeping pests far away from your beautiful garden doesn’t always have to involve toxic chemicals. Sometimes, all you got to do is take a look at your household items, companion plant, or else for some herbs, and all these will do the trick. The final result, a healthy garden with blooming plants and flowers. Just don’t forget that not every bug you see in the garden is evil; however, some needs to be controlled to maintain the harmony of your garden.

Tips to keep snails away

Snails appear from nowhere, and they silently eat the leaves of our most favourite plant. They can cause some severe damage to our plants, and they can hide during the day to be able to chew the entire plant by night!

So, what you can do other than calling a pest control service is get some eggshells. Do you know that snail cannot travel through eggshells? So, get some of them, crack those eggshells and spread them all around the vegetable and flower plants in your garden. Just wash the eggshells before scattering them on the patio to avoid other pests.

If you don’t have any eggshells because you remember throwing them out last night, then use some hair. It can be either your or your dog’s hair, everything will do, and they will not travel until hair is out of the sight.

If you reside near a lovely beach, then get some seaweed and put them on the snails. Seaweeds are filled with salt, remember?S, do try this trick out.


To get rid of ants, the easiest trick that you can try is by spraying soapy water on them. Other than this, you can plant some mint and keep them just close to the main doors, so that ants don’t get inside your house travelling all the way through your garden. The third trick that you can try is sprinkling some baking soda right on top of the ant mounds; this will create a chemical reaction and finally kill the ants. One final tip, the ingredients in baby talcum powder works like wonder as a natural ant repellent.


Mosquitos are everywhere, whether you are in the house or garden, they don’t just let us be! So, if you do have an outdoor seating area in the garden, then you know what we are talking about. What you can do in this case is replacing all the outdoor lights to orange or yellow, mosquitoes stay away from these colours. Citronella plant is right to keep mosquitoes away, you can plant them in the yard.

Aphids, mites, and Mealybugs

These are soft-bodied insects and can transfer viruses from one plant to another, meaning your plants will start becoming weaker day by day. Get one tablespoon of canola oil from the kitchen and add a few drops of dish soap, don’t forget to add one-quarter of water, now spray this solution on both the sides of the leaves. If you don’t want to try this, then spray water regularly. Another good trick to try is planting onions, as well as garlic near the infested plants.

Physical barriers

This trick also works very well. What you can do to prevent pests effectively is by putting some physical barriers. There are floating row covers, which you can buy to cover pest-susceptible plants.


Try all these solutions to stay away from common garden pests and let your garden bloom day by day. If you still have to fight with pests, then you should probably get in touch with Klikly, which is a reliable pest control service provider. They are always available for you 24 x 7 and will be right there at your doorstep whenever you need them.

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