Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Do you ever got frustrated and throw up your hands because you can’t figure out how or where to get started while decorating your bedroom? Or, do you lose confidence because you’re not sure about what will work best and what will not?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, I have seen many people who are confused, perplexed, and just plain baffled about colors, patterns, styles, and many more. And anyone would be when there are so many options and combinations available to choose?

That’s why I’m very excited to introduce a “first of its kind” resource that will not only help in decorating your home according to your personality, lifestyle, and goals. But it will help you to keep your work on the right track and do it easier and faster than ever before!

The resource that I’m referring to you is called “The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection”. It’s comprised of four books that are interactive bedroom designing ideas and were designed to work in seamless harmony with one another.

Inside them, you’ll access more than 1000 photos/images and 700 pages that can help you to turn your decor dreams into reality.

Talking about the personal experience, after reading the eBooks, I was thoroughly impressed and convinced that they will assist you to create warm, inviting spaces…just as you envisioned!

The collection is written by Marney Makridakis and Michael Holland, two people whom I trust and entrust to drive you to decorate success…no matter how much space or budget you possess.

If you follow the comprehensive, step-by-step resource then we’re sure that the final result will be impressive.

Their “Tools, Not Rules” philosophy takes the guesswork out of decorating leaving you in control firmly. The creations will allow you to feel the difference as you experience the newfound energy to you and your family’s life and activities.

Making Small Changes is an Amazing Idea to Decorate Your Bedroom

1. Create Wall Artwork

Walls are the first thing that anyone notices after entering the home. It encloses the home, providing a thematic impression. So, if your walls are empty, you’ve got an opportunity to get to work to populate them.

Artwork is a flexible bedroom decor idea that can make a huge difference in the look of your bedroom and can be easily reverse if the look doesn’t satisfy your heart.

If you are going for wall hanging it can be expensive if you are thinking to get something from a famous dead artist. But this is the best chance to showcase your own creativity.

You can show your own creativity in artwork without any art instruction whatsoever. First, you will have to decide the theme. If it’s the bathroom to which you want to add some self-made artwork, you could consider framing seashells. You would simply showcase the shells creatively by arranging it onto either a sheet of colored paper or onto fabric.

2. Create Wall Collage

Do you have hundreds of pictures lying inside the cupboards and just don’t know what to do with them? Keeping with the personalized artwork idea, you could arrange all these photos into a huge wall photo collage.

The bedroom could be home to a huge music CDs collection if there is a teenager in your home. They can showcase their creativity by creating their own wall collage of their CD covers.

Although you will have more fun creating self-made collages, online shopping can take care of this for you. The cost ranges from about 200 INR for an 8×10 to 800 INR for a 20×24 wall collage.

3. Create Wall Hanging

If your home contains foliage, you can consider pressing leaves or flowers and framing them nicely, the best of these is flat.

You basically place the leaves or flowers in a book or folders to allow them to dry flat. They are ready for decorating your walls by hanging on them when they become crisp.

This shouldn’t take longer than a week. After the leaves or flowers are pressed, you will just need to mount your self-made artwork and hang it on your wall.

4. Create DIY Craft

If you’re “crafty,” and ready to try your hands-on DIY, what about decorating with the quilts or embroidered pictures you make?

There are many crafts ideas that don’t require a lot of artistic talent or skill. Many craft stores offer free or inexpensive craft lessons, where you can produce impressive decorating products. While decorating your bedroom with artwork, you are only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to try a hands-on experiment. As mentioned previously, the artwork can be easily reverse. So, be imaginative and creative and decorate your bedroom without disturbing too much to the pocket.

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