Sagging Sofa Spring Repair or Replacement – DIY Guide

Sofa spring is an important element of high-quality sofas. The springs of the sofas tend to absorb the shock and give firmness and elasticity to your sofa. There are various types of springs available in the market hand-tied springs, sinuous springs, etc. Among these springs sinuous spring is the best Sofa Spring Repair Dubai. Due to its S shape pattern, it is also called as serpentine springs. The sinuous spring is connected side by side using a cord. In this way, they offer a coil seat. If one spring or a coil fails or is damaged due to different reasons you may replace it. There is no need of changing the entire seat just like a coiled seat.  A spring sofa is better than a foam sofa due to its durability and comfort. Spring sofa is the choice of many customers due to its longevity.

DIY Guide of Sofa Sagging Repair Refurbishment

Sofa sagging is a big problem in sofas. This problem may arise in sofas due to its loose springs. In the sagging of the sofa, the sofa spring loses its elasticity and does not coil vertically upward. To solve this problem you have to tighten the springs of your sofa. By taking the following points you can tighten the springs of your sofa:

Remove the cushion of your sofa and then by using a staple puller, pull the staples of your couch gently to expose the fabric. Then peel off the fabric to expose batting with the help of a staple puller pull the staple of batting to expose the spring.

Then check the springs that are seeming loose and also check the clips that are present at the front and backside of springs. The springs of the sofa are flat.

The springs that are looking loose, remove its one end from the clip, and then stretch it to normal height. After stretching hook its end to the clip. Also, check the clips of the springs. The clip must have a horseshoe at the front of it, it is the place where the spring hooks on. Find the staple or holes of the staple where the pulling power of clips loses.

After that tight the Sofa springs. There are two holes present at each clip, drive a one-inch screw with the help of a screwdriver. As the screw goes deeper it will stretch the spring, in this way we will tight the spring. Find the loose clips on both sides of the spring and then repeat the same procedure to tighten the spring.

Then straightened the batting of your sofa back to its place and used 3 to 8 inches staple to fix it also shoot 1 to 4 inches staple to fix the light fiber on the batting.

You can also use plywood to give support to the loose springs of your sofa.

Place the cushion back on your sofa.

Congratulations, you did it!

Note: High-quality springs like sinuous springs can long last around 15 years. Some companies also give money-back warranty of springs for 15 years.

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