10 Tips For Improving Your Interior Design Right Now

Just a few interior design tips will make your interior more modern and stylish. Let’s talk about the most interesting ones.

Perfection knows no limits, and Interior Designers know this. However, to make the interior of a living room or bedroom like a fashion plate, it is not necessary to start a major overhaul. Sometimes you can improve the space with the help of several design techniques – let’s talk about them in more detail.

1. Bright colors

You can always start small: add bright decor, textiles, or improve interior lighting. For a more significant change, replace the furniture or re-arrange the current furniture to improve spatial function. It could be new chairs with bright textile upholstery or a pair of armchairs as accents. If the interior is completely bored and you can’t do without cardinal solutions, interior design will suggest changing the color of the walls or adding my favorite for depth; wallpaper. It will take very little time, but the room can change beyond all recognition.

2. Mix of textures and interior design styles

“Austere” styles have outlived their usefulness and are extremely rare today. Now fashion dictates to design housing not according to the strict rules of one style, but to mix them, combining the incongruous – a brown sofa in a gray painted room or a green sectional in an orange room; yikes!! So, in a modern interior, vintage things will look quite appropriate, and too strict classics are diluted with light and loft-style decor. Designers love to experiment and mix any number of styles in one space while limiting the number of colors.

Correctly selected textures create a harmonious interior, and the more such combinations are used, the more interesting it will ensue. For example, a classic wooden surface looks great in tandem with a modern smooth one, or, as an option, a velvet sofa with a rattan armchair or a marble coffee table.

3. Object d’art

Bare walls look dull, and the interior seems unfinished. Interior designers know a universal way to change the situation – to choose works of art that match the style and mood of the room. No doubt, they will choose pictures, posters, and photographs in a suitable format so that they do not look too small or large compared to the dimensions of the room and the surrounding furniture.

4. Lots of textiles

New window dressing, a soft carpet, a heap of decorative pillows of different colors and sizes – and the interior is already playing out in fresh colors. It is best to focus on tactile, pleasant-to-the-touch textures: cotton, velvet, suede, fur – yummy!! (The fake type)

When decorating a bed, no interior designer is limited to one blanket, but also uses bedspreads, coverlets, comforters, blankets, decorative pillows, creating a special atmosphere of intimacy and comfort in the room.

5. Mirrors

It instantly transforms the space – increases the amount of daylight light and creates a sense of spaciousness in the room. Mirrors are also good as decorative accents in simple geometric forms: they can be used to decorate a bare wall above a dresser or dressing table, to complete the fireplace area in the living room, or become the only decoration in a minimalist hallway.

6. Light

Designers know how important light is in the house interior, so they always think over several lighting plans for each room. Positional lighting is also important: bracket and table lamps will create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, and in the living room you cannot do without a standing lamp with warm light. Task lighting, ambient lighting, down lighting are all options available based on aesthetic and emotional appeal.

7. Hide technical devices

Designers also try their best to make household appliances invisible in the house. The easiest way is to hide it behind furniture facades. The TV can be hidden behind sliding panels or included in the home gallery. Did you know there are TV Mirrors; yes, mirrors that can turn into 4k television with a press of a button.

8. Feature wall

To do this, use wallpaper with an expressive print, patterned finish, 3D panels, or contrasting paint color. Additionally, light and decor help to complete such a wall. For example, a wall painted in a different shade is decorated with moldings or a large-format painting, and a large panel with a natural stone texture is illuminated with bracket lamps.

To “support” the accent wall, designers recommend choosing furniture or accessories matching the color.

9. Glass partitions

Recently, designers are increasingly using glass partitions as interior design in their projects – it looks stylish and modern. In addition, this is a good way to zone a room and at the same time keep the interior light, and airy. With the help of those elements, you can separate the private area of the bedroom from the living room, the kitchen from the dining room.

10. Metallic accents

A must-have of any modern interior design is bright metallic accents. It makes the space more elegant, goes well with wood, marble, mirrors, and glass. In the last few seasons, it has been fashionable to mix several types of metals in one interior synergically.

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