LED Mirrors In 3 Minutes Or Less

Having a mirror which is well lit is not only important but often times necessary. Unfortunately, the standard light bulb just doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact when compared to the benefits of LED’s they are downright inferior. Fortunately LED mirrors are not only here to stay but have become easily available for today’s homeowner who wants to take full advantage of them.

The Future of Lighting

LED bulbs are a consumer’s best friend. They are longer lasting and much more efficient than both traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs as well. Some studies even claim LED’s are up to one thousand more times efficient than the incandescent variety. Not only that but each bulb will last for thousands of hours of use so not only will you not have to change them as often but of course all reap the benefits of how much less electricity they use on your monthly electric bill. And when used with mirrors this type of lighting provides a much truer reflection which is extremely important for anyone who needs to look their best.

In the Bathroom

While an LED mirror can be used in just about any room of the house and often is, the bathroom is where they often not only the most useful but make the biggest impression. These often take the form of vanities or cabinets. An LED vanity mirror will save you from having to install separate lighting above your mirror as the lights are actually set in the mirror itself. They are also ideal for giving your bathroom an easy upgrade as their upscale look and feel can totally transform the look of the entire room. Lighted cabinets are another way to go that will give you the storage you need for your toiletries. Many models will not only be have lights inside the cabinet so you can clearly see what’s inside but also have bulbs on the face of the mirror too.

The Best Choice For Makeup

If you will be applying cosmetics of course you’ll need the best reflection possible. An LED makeup mirror is without a doubt the best tool for the job and there are quite a few sizes and options to meet your needs. For those who need something for travel there are compact models which used batteries and are light enough and small enough to fit inside your purse. When it comes to choices for the bathroom there are both wall mounted and units made for convenient countertop use as well.

Regardless of what or where you need one for, there is an LED mirror that can help make your life easier. Longer lasting, more efficient, and providing a higher quality reflection these are one type of mirror every smart consumer needs to consider.

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