6 Moving Tips for an Organized Family Relocation

Relocating to another state isn’t easy for anyone, let alone for a family with kids. There are many things to take care of aside from household goods, such as documents, medical and dental records, and alike. To make the situation even more complicated, kids usually don’t like this type of change. However, an organized and smooth relocation is possible. It just takes some organizing with the right advice. Try our six useful tips and move with your family without a hassle.

1. Create a Thorough Plan and Start Early

The key to every successful cross-country move is to have enough time to finish everything without stressing about the tight timeline. Preparing for a move can take months, especially if you have a lot of kids. A good old to-do list will be very helpful for an event like this. Create a moving binder with weekly tasks to have a better insight into what has to be done and when. Don’t forget about notifying your kids’ schools, kindergartens, and your boss. You’ll also have to change your documents, cancel current utilities, and set up the new ones.

2. Declutter, but With the Help of Your Kids

Getting rid of all the unnecessary items is very helpful with large moves. Once you sell, donate, or throw away the items that are just collecting dust, you will realize that there’s much less work than you thought. However, you have to be strict when deciding what goes and what stays, which can be hard if we’re talking about your kids’ things. Pick the toys that they don’t play with anymore and let them know. Otherwise, you might make them sad or angry. That’s why it’s best to do this together – tell them that you will give the toys to some other kids to play with them. It’s important to teach your children generosity and sharing.

3. Preparing Your Kids for Moving Will Be Much Easier If You’ve Traveled a Lot Together

It’s always easier to explain things to kids if they have an image in their head. Before you move to another state, try to travel there as often as you can. They will soon get familiar with the area, and they might like it better than the city you’re living in now. Visit all the fun places and spend quality time with them, so that it stays as a good memory in their heads.

4. Talk to Your Kids and Hear Them Out

The children should be involved in the decision of moving and they should feel free to say what they think. This, of course, is applicable only if you’re still choosing where you will move and if your children are old enough to decide. Changing environments can be hard on them because they have to leave their friends, teachers, and all other people and things they love.

The Kids Look up to You, So Stay Positive

It’s crucial to remain positive about the move. Your children will feel your energy, and that can easily become their attitude as well. If you’re optimistic about the change and honest with them, it’s more likely that they will more quickly accept the fact that you’re moving and feel more comfortable with it. On the other hand, if you lie to them, they will easily end up disappointed.

5. Find a Reputable Moving Company

The best way to feel more comfortable when moving is to have a reliable company to give you a hand in these stressful times. With the right service, you will know that all of your belongings will be handled properly and that there won’t be any damage once you arrive. Check out the reviews online and see what the previous customers had to say about the service of a company you’re interested in. When you see that the movers are true professionals with experience and all the high-quality equipment, contact them and book a move with them. Make sure you call them at least a month in advance so that you can choose the date of your move.

6. Include Your Kids in the Process of Moving and Divide Responsibilities

Last but not least, you should try to make moving fun. There are a lot of assignments that kids can participate in. When you give them tasks, they will feel important and useful, and they will learn how to become more independent and responsible. You can pack together, choose the colors for box labels, write down on each one what’s inside, or you can even make a competition. For example, you can set a timer, and whoever packs the most toys wins a prize. Your kids will see that even serious things can be fun with the right attitude; just make sure you don’t get carried away with the playfulness.

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