Parts of Windows You Should Know

Information about the parts of the window can be very useful if you decide to go into private business, by the way, very popular now, for the sale, manufacture, home window replacement. To make it easy to communicate with sellers and suppliers in case of ordering new windows.


It is a box made of a wooden profile (timber) and serves as a load-bearing element of the window. The frame is mounted in the window opening. If you are thinking about house window replacement, take into account that the frame and the opening must match in size, taking into account the structural and installation clearances. The frame must be rigid enough and well assembled to support the massive glass doors.


Like the frame, the sashes of a wooden window are made of laminated veneer lumber. They serve to enable the window to open. Depending on the type of window fittings, several ways of opening wooden windows are possible: tilt, swivel, swing-out, sliding. The flip-up option is the opening of a window like a transom by tilting it up. With the pivoting method, which is used in traditional windows, the sash swings open. The third option provides for a combination of simultaneously the possibilities of folding the sash and flew opening it. In some cases, individual sashes are made deaf, while the glass unit is installed either directly into the frame, due to which the light opening increases, or into the sash with its subsequent fixation in the frame. Large-sized wooden windows, which consist of several elements, are equipped with blindfolds. Some sashes in them are made pivoting, so that you can easily wash the window and intensively ventilate the room, others are swing-out, which improves ventilation, and the rest are fixed, washable from the side of adjacent swing doors.

Double-glazed window

A double-glazed unit is a construction of several glasses, between which there is a perforated frame with a molecular sieve that protects the glass from fogging from the inside and absorbs excess moisture. Depending on the number of glasses, double-glazed windows are one-, two- and three-chambered. There will service you not less than 15 years before you think about double-hung window replacement. In addition to transmitting light into the room, the glass unit performs the function of sound and heat insulation. If it is necessary to improve sound insulation, for example, in an apartment with windows facing the highway, glass of different thicknesses can be used and the optimal spacing between them can be chosen.


In places where the sash mates with the frame, elastic seals are installed in a special groove. Thanks to them, the window elements fit tightly to each other, heat is better retained, moisture does not enter and there is no blowing. Timber windows use two sealing circuits. The working temperature range of window seals is -60 … + 100 ° C.


These are casement window replacement parts and hidden mechanisms for opening and closing windows, handles, locks, and hinges that hold the sash. The fittings are designed so that the sashes and frames are connected and fit tightly to each other. In addition, thanks to the fittings, the window sash can be opened in different ways: tilt, swivel or tilt and turn combining both options.


An important element of a wooden window is an impost. It is designed to divide the window into parts. Thanks to the impost, two or more sashes are securely connected in the window structure. You can refuse to use the impost in the case of manufacturing a window with two sashes, one of which in this case will be dependent on the other, that is, their opening will be sequential, one after the other. When the number of sashes in the window exceeds two, the middle ones are hung on the impost. To see this detail, it is enough to open the doors wide open. Mullions are those cross members that can be seen in an open opening.


The end parts of the wall on the sides and top of the frame are called slopes. In addition to serving as a decorative element, they protect against moisture penetration and heat loss. The materials used for the slopes can be different (plaster, drywall, wood, plastic, cork, etc.). To do windows replacement you can choose any material, the choice depends on the design features of the building and the design solution of the room.


To drain meltwater and precipitation from the lower part of the window opening, ebb tides are used. As a material for their manufacture, predominantly metal is used, coated with a composition that provides resistance to corrosion and the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

Window sill

This part is located in the lower part of the window opening from the side of the room. The window sill has a decorative and constructive function. It must have such properties that allow it to be resistant to mechanical stress and high levels of humidity.

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