how to bring the plant shrub back to life

Shrubs and other plant life bring beauty to a landscape, but they can sometimes be difficult to maintain. When a shrub starts to struggle to stay healthy, owners may not know what they can do to keep their plants alive. Thankfully, it is possible to bring a shrub back from the brink of death. It is important to act quickly and follow the instructions of professionals.

Common Reasons Shrubs Stop Thriving

Multiple reasons can cause a shrub to suddenly start dying. Before digging it up and throwing it in the compost heap, it is important to ensure it is truly dead. It is also important owners seek plant health care services near me so they can possibly save their shrubs. The following offers information on some common reasons for shrub death.

· A lack of sunlight

· A lack of water

· Too much fertilizer

· Not enough fertilizer

· Diseases and pests

Protecting shrub growth is important for ensuring the plant remains vital and healthy for many years. As soon as an owner notices any signs of changes in the plant’s health, they need to seek professionals right away for plant care.

Is The Shrub Really Dead?

Sometimes, a shrub is only struggling and has not died yet. If caught in time, shrubs can often be saved. There are a couple of ways owners can test their shrubs to see if they are truly dead. Carrying out the following tests will ensure an owner knows how to proceed.

The first step is to take one of the leaves and scrape it with a fingernail. If the scrapings are green, the shrub is still alive. If there is no green, it is important to try a leaf nearer the roots. If all the leaves are dry and do not produce green scrapings, the shrub is likely dead.

Another way to tell if a shrub has died is to bend one of the branches. If the branches flex instead of snap, this means there is still life inside the plant. It is important to note that a shrub can have dead branches and still be alive. If all the branches snap immediately, it is possible the shrub is no longer alive.

Is It Possible to Revive a Dying Shrub?

One of the worst things a shrub owner can do is to panic when they realize their shrub is struggling. Often, people will try to flood their plants with water, thinking this will solve the problem. Unfortunately, it often causes more issues.

The key to reviving a shrub that is dying is to know what happened in the first place. Unfortunately, many issues can arise with plants, and it may be difficult for owners to discover the problem without professional intervention. Hiring a professional plant care company will allow owners to learn what steps need to be taken to bring their shrubs back to life.


Shrubs add beauty and privacy to a property. When they start struggling with health issues, shrubs can look unattractive. It is important owners get to the root of the problem, so the right intervention can be sought. Having a professional check the shrub can offer a wealth of information. Once these professionals have inspected the plant, they can offer information on the treatments that need to be pursued. With help from these professionals, individuals can experience healthier plant growth.

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