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San Diego is a stunning city to live, take a weekend trip or travel to for a family vacation. Whether you’re a proud resident of the city or looking for a much-needed family trip, explore the best things to do in the city with kids. Discover the best whale watching San Diego, thrilling zoo experiences and more.

Take a Cruise

The San Diego Bay offers stunning views from the city, but the view from a boat is even more stunning. Take a bay cruise aboard an America’s Cup sailboat for picturesque views of the city. Point out important attractions to your children and give them their first taste of travel aboard a boat.

Choose a cruise opportunity that promises to protect your children from seasickness. Depending on the size, speed and route of a cruise, choppy waves can cause seasickness in first-time passengers. A kid-friendly cruise is a gentle, sickness-free experience.

Visit the San Diego Zoo

One of the best zoos in the world is right in San Diego. The zoo offers many exhibits designed specifically for children. Endangered and iconic animals in large, comfortable areas makes it a zoo that earns its reputation as being one of the best zoos of all time.

Walk in the Park

You could spend a full day at the zoo, but there are many other outdoor adventures in the city that are family friendly. Balboa Park has the zoo and plenty of green space, but be sure to check out Waterfront Park and Childrens Park. Waterfront Park has fountains, views of the city and other fun activities for children. At Childrens Park, your kids will have a blast watching ducks swim in fountains. Take a break on a comfortable bench as your children climb and explore the large playground in the cool shade of pine trees.

Spot Whales

After a relaxing break in the park, schedule a whale-watching experience as a family. Few events in San Diego are as enjoyable and unforgettable for children of all ages. Even adults have a blast watching massive whales from the comfort of a boat. Here are the whale species commonly spotted on a whale-watching cruise from San Diego:

  • Humpback whales
  • Blue whales
  • Mike whales
  • Fin whales

Seeing a whale in the ocean is a breathe-taking experience, but is also an educational opportunity. Children of all ages can learn something about whales and learn how to identify different species of these massive mammals.

Unlike other animal tours in the United States, whale watching is a year-round event. The species of whales you spot may vary, but some type of gentle giant can be found in the waters around San Diego all year. This means that you can schedule your trip at your leisure instead of planning a family vacation around a specific season.

Prepare for an Unforgettable Experience in San Diego

Learn how to identify whales and why San Diego is an excellent place for a family-friendly experience. Book a tour today to see the city from the bay and to spot massive whales from a comfortable boat. These experiences are excellent for kids who love animals, the ocean, photography or a new adventure.

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