better city for living denver or new york

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous saying, “Most cities are nouns, but New York’s a verb.” We all know the busy continuity of NYC. This factor attracts a lot of people from all sorts of places. Eventually, this can become very exhausting.  The dense, suffocating crowd might make you crave for space. Denver seems like a far-out place, but actually, it offers the peace and quiet one might need. Here we’ll briefly compare the living conditions of both of these cities.

The Housing Costs

Renting apartments in NYC is costly enough, let alone buying houses. It’s no surprise that an average New Yorker has to work two jobs just to have a roof over their heads. It’s hard enough even to find a proper apartment. It’s a constant struggle among the people.

Any average person moving to Denver from NYC will notice the contrasting housing costs between them. The rental apartments are very affordable, and the processes are a lot less complicated than living in NYC. You don’t have to go through all those obnoxious payment methods like you had to in NYC. But, notably, things are not looking good for the buyers. Yes, the housing prices have increased considerably in the last few years. But compared to NYC, it’s a lot more affordable.

Outdoor Recreation Options

Unsurprisingly New York City doesn’t offer much variety in terms of outdoor recreation. The city area is saturated with people rushing to wherever they have to go. You rarely get the peace of mind that you want. The parks in NYC are notable, to say the least. But the scene is quite different in Denver. The closest mountains are only 30 minutes away. So, according to me it’s better to use motorcycle rather than a car. Spend a few hours driving, and you’ll get to ski on the most well-known skiing resort in the country. New York City is a very urban environment with little nature to offer. Denver is filled with green spaces. The parks are vibrant but not too invasive. The Cheesman Park, Wash Park, etc. are just a few names among many others.

The Local Scene

NYC is a busy city filled with busy people. Here you’ll find people of a different line of work, making it hard to be in good terms with everyone. The continuity of this makes it hard to keep in touch with the friends you already have. Denver is a bit different from all this. The diversity will encourage and help others to be on good terms with each other. The dating scene is also drastically different between these two. Denver might not be the best city to find your soulmate.

The lifestyle in NYC can be considered unique. You could see all sorts of people in NYC, and the locals don’t even bat an eye anymore. The people in Denver are quite down to earth and very friendly.

In conclusion, the environment of Denver and NYC is drastically different. But if you seek a peaceful, natural, and friendly atmosphere, then Denver hits the mark.

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