Is It Time For A Furniture Overhaul In Your Home?

There’s nothing worse than looking around a room and seeing the same old tired furniture arrangement. Sure, it’s comfortable, and you’ve had it that way for years, but there’s just something missing; something about the room isn’t working for you anymore, and you can’t quite place your finger on what it is.

When this happens, it might be time for a furniture overhaul. We’re not just talking a quick dust; we’re talking a complete appraisal of your furniture followed by a comprehensive replacement effort that will completely revitalise your room and leave you feeling much better about the space you live in. Here are a few situations in which a furniture overhaul might be a good idea.

When you want custom furniture

Those store-bought shelving units are fine, but they aren’t lighting the spark for you anymore. They were functional when you bought them, but now they’re drab and lifeless, and the ornaments and adornments you’ve installed on the shelves just look sad and lonely. If this describes you, then it might be time to call a custom furniture supplier – see this site – to design a new room for you from scratch. The best retailers, like the one we linked, don’t just design bespoke shelving; they’ll also completely overhaul a bedroom for you and do so exactly to your specifications, so you’ll be totally happy with the end result. Do away with that dull, boring furniture in your bedroom and replace it with a crisp, pristine custom-made arrangement that’ll make you feel great about going to sleep and waking up in the morning.

When you come into money suddenly

There are several ways in which you might experience a lucky windfall when it comes to money. Perhaps you cash in a pension you’d forgotten about, or maybe the tragic loss of a relative is balanced somewhat by a much-needed injection of money after they have passed. However you find yourself coming into money, it’s definitely worth considering a total furniture overhaul. You’d be surprised how little money you can spend if you open yourself up to creative sources; browsing thrift stores, asking friends for furniture they no longer use or even crafting it yourself can all be cheap ways to acquire interesting pieces for your home. The next time you find yourself with a surplus of cash, consider using it to redecorate your home; you’ll thank yourself.

When your furniture is falling apart

Many of us don’t actually consider replacing our furniture even when it’s clearly breathing its last. Springs popping out of couches, bedsteads falling apart, wardrobe doors hanging loosely from their hinges…the list of potential furniture disasters is endless, and yet we put off replacing faulty units until the very last minute. Why allow yourself to live in an environment where the furniture just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Your home is your castle, and your couch is your throne. There’s no reason you should come home from a long day at work to find a sad, broken throne which isn’t comfortable to sit on. Emotional attachment and pure laziness can blind us to the times when we really need to make a change, so it’s worth constantly reappraising the furniture in your home to see if you need to replace it.

When you have a theme in mind

Since it’s your home, why not get creative? This one applies especially to kids’ bedrooms, but we’re all housing an inner child, so there’s no reason you can’t redecorate for you and you alone. If you’re a sports nut, there are plenty of creative ways you could incorporate that theme into your furniture arrangement; consider a table marked with table tennis delineations, for example, or a basketball-shaped beanbag for the NBA fans. If you’re into gaming, you might want to create a gaming room so you can enjoy your hobby to your heart’s content; if so, creating custom shelving units or the perfect PC gaming desk might be a great way to repurpose wood from old furniture you’re no longer going to use. Don’t just throw your old tables and chairs into a themed redecoration; start from scratch and the results will be remarkable.

When you just need a change of pace

Sometimes, life can feel boring in itself. If you’ve been at the same job for years, and your commute is starting to feel like a chore, you might just need to switch something up in your home to make yourself feel better. Having a brand new home full of well-crafted, well-arranged furniture can be a surprising motivator; when you know the home waiting for you after work is one you’ve meticulously arranged and painstakingly worked on to get it just right, it feels that much better to come back to it. Don’t make any drastic life decisions if things are starting to feel a bit grey; overhaul the furniture in your home and you’ll feel miles better.

John Lang

John Lang is a Certified Arborist, a Certified Treecare Safety Professional, and also a member of the Friendly Tree team[1], a family-owned New Jersey tree care service, dedicated to the thoughtful and careful maintenance of your trees and shrubs. Friendly Tree Service has been in business for 26 years and remains passionate about trees and nature. With a highly trained staff that treats every property as their own and state of the art equipment, Friendly Tree is on the cutting edge of the art and science of Arboriculture.

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