How to Get Rid of Ice Dams on Roof: Quick Removal & Prevention Guide

As frost increases, the problem of ice dams increases. It is very important to solve this problem in time. Otherwise, it can cause many problems for your home including water leaks, damage of roof shingles or gutters.

Now, the question arises, How to remove ice dams on roof? To get the answer to this question, first we have to understand the ice dams.

What are ice dams on roof?

An ice dam is a rock of ice that forms when melting ice water due to the heat inside the house comes in contact with a cold surface and freezes. Generally it is seen that it starts from the edges of the roofs of most of the houses. Due to the inability of the melted snow water to find its way, the size of the ice dam increases, which invites many problems such as water leakage and roof damage.

We have brought for you simple and best ways to remove ice dams from the roof of the house. Say no to ice dam problem with these methods and say hello to winters.

6 Best Ways to Get Rid of Ice Dams on Roof

1. Use of Roof Rack or Snow Shovel

The very first way to remove ice dams from is the use of a Snow roof rack or snow shovel. A snow roof rack is a very handy tool and designed to remove ice from roof. It doesn’t need electricity or any fuel which makes it very economical. It has a long handle and easier to use. You can remove ice dams from large area of the roof standing one place. Start with the lower edge of roof and go way up. Use the roof rack carefully and be careful not to slam it too hard as it may damage the roof.

2. Use of calcium chloride or ice melt

You can also get rid of ice dams from house roof by using calcium chloride or ice melt. Ice dams stops the water flow by chocking the drain path and gutters. So, it’s important to remove the ice dams to open the drain flow to save the roof from damage.

Use calcium chloride or ice melt directly on ice dams. By doing this the ice dams will melt and the path of water will open. In this way, you can protect your roof from damage caused in winter.

3. Use of Steamer

There are many hot water steamers are available which you can use to remove ice from your roof.

Simply plug the steamer in and place it directly in front of the ice dam. This will melt the ice and water will start flowing. You also have to do this from the lower end of the roof and move upwards. In no time your roof will be free from ice dams.

4. Creating Channels in the Ice:

An axe, ice breaker or chisel can be used to carefully remove the ice dam, creating channels for water to drain off the roof. But you have to be careful in using these tools because if you are new to these tools then there is a risk of damage to the roof.

5. Use of water:

A very simple method that anyone can do is to use water to remove ice dams. For this you can use both hot and normal water.

  • Use of hot water: For this you will need a sprayer. If you have a garden sprayer then you can use it. Fill the sprayer with hot water. And slowly pour the spray onto the ice dams. This will start melting the ice and make way for water.

Use of normal water: Choose a hot day for this method. Now connect a water drain to the tap and pour a stream of water onto the ice dam. By doing this you can also get rid of ice dams.

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