A crucial part of making your new property your home is putting a part of your soul into it. After all, that’s the only way to feel like you belong there. And the way to do it is by furnishing it the way you like it.

But furniture doesn’t come cheap these days. Quite on the contrary, even the smallest pieces could be a huge setback for your budget. And most of the cheap furniture advertised out there is pure rubbish and probably won’t last a year.

That’s where being thrifty comes to the rescue. And this is thrifty in the most positive way because there are easy ways to work out something very beautiful even on a lesser budget, especially with a kitchen. So without further ado, here are the 5 tips that will help you save money and still manage an exquisite interior design.

#1 Buy Versatile Furniture

When you shop for furniture, go for some pieces that are multifunctional. That’ll help you keep things around the house diverse. In other words, instead of buying new furniture when you get bored of the current furniture setting, just rearrange and adapt your multi-purpose pieces. In the last few years, space saving is a top priority for most modern designers, and they go out of their way to create all kinds of folding furniture that changes shapes and purpose, take advantage of it.

Tip: Being thrifty is good unless it is your health that is concerned. So when it comes to buying furniture like mattresses or office chairs, splurge! You might be lucky to find these items at a discount, but in any case, these are items which directly affect your health, so set a bigger budget and always buy new.

#2 Always Go for Quality, Not Quantity

Spending a lot of money on furniture is ludicrous, but falling into the opposite extremity is also senseless, because, in the end, over-saving comes at the expense of quality. So when you go out furniture hunting, the maxima “less is more” should guide your decisions. What I mean by that is don’t buy a new, cheaply-made sofa set, but instead spend a few extra dollars on a quality second-hand item.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to buy items you would use only on occasion. At first, focus on the basics, on what you really need to make your household work. The rest can wait for a better moment, but the essential pieces of furniture are needed all the time.

#3 Browse the Local Shops

Neighbourhood antique stores and thrift shops can be a gold mine. You simply wouldn’t believe the amazing deals and the diversity you can find there. And what’s more, shopping there always gives you a leeway on the price of a piece you’re interested in. This way you can better orientate if you’re being ripped off somewhere.

“Shopping locally also saves you a delivery fee because, believe me, there’s no such thing as free shipping,” says Tom Davies from Accelerate Home Buyers.

#4 Swap or Trade

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so if you have something you no longer need, don’t throw it away. Instead, search the web for a platform that would help you swap or trade it. And the same goes when you need something for your place. Who knows, maybe the perfect dining table is just a few clicks away.

Tip: If you go for that, cleaning and home improvement experts from Fantastic Services Group advise to always ask for additional pictures, observe the piece closely for defects and damage that can’t be restored. Also, hiring a cleaning service to take care of the upholstered furniture might be a good idea.

#5 Shop Off-Season

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait, so be smart and take advantage of the humongous discounts that occur after every big holiday. If you’re lucky, you might buy something you like for half its original retail value. The same applies for seasonal discounts, once the season is over, you can buy great things for almost no money. True, you may have to wait a couple of seasons before you can use it, but it’s still worth it.

Tip: The thing to remember here is that most companies roll out their new furniture collections in January and August. That makes February and September clearance months, hence, the best time to go on a furniture shopping spree.

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