5 Decorating and Remodeling Tips From a Top Interior Designer

Designing the interior of house space is never a walk in the park. Your mind starts to spiral on where you should start, which colours to use, and you haven’t even gotten to the implementation phase. For some, this decorative eye comes naturally. But for most of us, it takes time and careful consideration. I understand how challenging it can be, which is why I chose to share five tips to help you decorate and remodel your space. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Plan Your Space

As Dale Carnegie said, “An hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing.” Even those with a natural knack for design have to first plan before implementing. Planning acts like your blueprint. It helps you determine what you need, where you need it, and how to get it. Go to the space you want to decorate, and visualize how you want it to look. Build the plan around your imaginations. Proceed to measure your space then choose the design style, colour palette, and accessories that suit it. Strive to plan every step of the way. It might take some time and thought process, but it will free you from unforeseen mistakes.

Choose Your Design Style

Choosing a design style for your home can be overwhelming, especially when you start scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. A tip to use when selecting is to think of what you value most in your space. Do you prefer simplicity and minimalism, or are you more oriented towards an old-school look? Gauging what you like will help gravitate you towards the style ideal for you. You can choose from the many popular styles like contemporary, traditional, modern, industrial, among many more.


Any designer worth their salt will tell you to paint your space when remodelling. Why? Because colours create ambience. They give the house a new look. Painting will make a distinct difference in how your room feels. But before we get ahead of ourselves, first select the colour palette you think is ideal for your space. You do not necessarily have to base your colour choices on your design style. You can use your favourite ones.

Add Accessories

Accessories make your space more lively and welcoming. They complement your colour palette and allow you to break the monotony caused by neutral colours like black and white. You can add pillows, a flower vase, wall art, mirror, or photos you find inspiring. Adding too many accessories might saturate the space. Just select a few ideal ones then incorporate them.

You Don’t Have To Buy Everything New

Remodelling your interior doesn’t mean that you change the entire look. You can blend the old with the new. If anything, it will reduce your budget while still offering a unique touch. For instance, you can remain with your furniture but add new pillows or curtains. It all depends on your creativity.

Final Thoughts

You are now well equipped to decorate your space this 2021. Take your time. Whatever furniture, accessories, and colours you use, make sure they are the ones you want. It’s okay to show your personality in your design.

Kristina Bell

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