7 Unique Ways to Create a Friendly Vibe in Your Office

If you don’t enjoy going to work anymore, or if coworkers are always complaining, it’s likely time to change the vibe in the office. Work can be much more enjoyable in the right environment when everyone has a positive attitude. Read on to discover some unique ways to create a friendly vibe in the office.

1. Change the Look of the Environment

Sometimes an office can feel a little bit dull. Changing things by adding a Custom Print Window Film can liven things up. Try sprucing up the atmosphere by painting the walls a new color, splurging on some new break room furniture, or improving the lighting in the office. All of these things can help make the environment more pleasant.

2. Provide Incentives

Giving employees something to work for can improve morale and make people more efficient. Additionally, grouping employees on teams can improve teamwork and inter-office relationships. Start a contest for the most productive employee, rewarding them weekly with a free lunch. Or, consider offering a benefit for providing excellent customer service to customers. 

3. Add Plants

Plants have been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, and they look pretty in an office. Plants also produce oxygen, which is great for keeping employees alert and lively. Plants can be added to break rooms, employee cubicles, and large conference rooms. 

4. Consider Making the Office Pet-Friendly

Not all businesses can do this, but if yours can, consider it. Pets make everyone feel better. From goldfish to dogs, few people can resist smiling at cute furbabies. They keep workers company and can improve employees’ attitudes.

5. Develop Community Outside of Work

Employees spend 40 hours a week together, but it is always working, and often in stressful situations. Spending time in social settings, where people are more relaxed can build relationships that extend back to the workplace. Consider building community among employees by offering a monthly bowling night or a dinner night out. This could be paid for by the company or an event where everyone chips in. Either way, people will likely have fun and build better relationships.

6. Thank Employees

Be generous with positive feedback to employees, especially when they go above and beyond their normal job requirements. Also, encourage employees to give positive feedback to co-workers when they spot them doing something especially well. There are many ways to provide rewards, including verbal praise, recognition at a business meeting, money, prizes, gift cards, and trophies. You can never say “thank you” too many times.

7. Have a Positive Attitude

If you own your own company, co-workers and employees look to you to set the tone for the business. A positive attitude is important for an enjoyable, comfortable workplace. Both positive and negative attitudes are catching, and your employees, as well as your customers, are likely to catch your attitude. Make it a positive one. Customers are more likely to do business with a business where the employees have positive attitudes than with one where the employees seem unhappy in their jobs.  A smile makes all the difference, but a few of these unique ideas may make a difference as well. Give them a try and see if you don’t have a friendlier vibe in the office environment.

Kristina Bell

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