Shower Curtain Design Trends that Will Be Popular This Year

The best way to refreshing up your bathroom is to change up your curtains. That thing can instantly give your makeover to your shower. Think about your current pattern or the design of your curtain then instant change with different currents. Today we highlighted with few top shower curtain trends. which will help you stay up to date by going with trends. Let’s take a look below and share your favorite at the end of this blog.

Retro Design

We begin with the styles of the retro curtains which are still bathed in retro style suites perfect fit for a retro bathroom fit. These kinds of zig zag retro curtains designs are doing very well since the ’70s That’s why we love it. The multi-layer zig-zag style works amazingly in modern spaces. But there is still something amazing about that. It also goes with the mid-century patterns and architectural detailing. If we talk about the taken care of these curtains retro style and vintage style mostly curtains are mostly made up of waterproof polyester fabric home washable. Some of them are also machine washable and available in the market with hooks.

Striped style curtains

It is hard to say that striped curtains are in trends because they always are in trends. We all loved striped patterns in everything from doormats to bedsheets of course also in the curtains. if we talked about the shower curtains these will work in all seasons. We also recommend you choose navy and white strips curtains for your shower. They blend with all the modern looks and a wide range of designs and styles. If you can find a wide stripe border in curtains. This gives another level of classiness to your shower room. It is also perfect for eclectic spaces.

Geometrical flair style

We focus on the shower curtains that bring geometrical patterns to your shower room. Geometrical flair style curtains for the shower room give you patterns like a triangle and many diagonals shapes. They are always alive. In this geometrical flair black and cream color cream creat a powerful and metallic look that gives your shower room luxury style. If you mixed these geometrical patterns with the pastel colors and rich tones the result shows you in the form of interesting features and colors like rose, mint, and curry. You also can check out some of the curtains from our variety of shower curtain 84 x 72.

Today’s Popular curtains trends

Now At the end of the blog, we can discuss today’s popular curtains trends. You can start it from the drops patterns and solid light color patterns. which are perfect for the showers and that droplets patterns are matchmaking for your shower room. You can add some birds patterns to your shower curtains they are also playful designs for your shower curtains. Some of the grid patterns are also comeback in trends. They are melted with retro and modern in terms of style. You also have the option to choose marble shower curtains which are perfect for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to marble tiles.

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