Top Door Hardware For Contractors

The first and last thing your guests get in contact with is your door. It not only makes the first impression on the visitors but ensures the security of your house. To get the most out of the safety and belief, you need to select door hardware that meets your needs considering the style of your home, users of the door, how frequently the door will be used, features of the door, and how well it suits your home interior.

Door hardware, technically known as lockset, although there might not be a lock-in some sets, includes a knob or a handle and all latch and locking mechanisms. You can find many options for construction doors & hardware with various applications; decide first the type of hardware you need then focus on the style and finish. The more the quality of the item, the more you need to pay. It is worth paying more as the extra cost brings better performance and great durability. Following a buying guide, should place the door hardware at the top of your list that ensures security, allows convenience, and adds beauty. Contractors prefer the smart door hardware that makes your access to the home easy and hard for intruders. Here you go with the top list of door hardware for contractors:

1. Schlage CO-220 Classroom Lockdown Solution

It was designed for classroom use and enhanced security. The lock offers visual confirmation of locking up to 10 nearby locks of the same model if an emergency arises. All can be done in only 2 seconds by a click by a remote carried by the teacher. It is effortless to operate and less costly than a networked system. This lock can be used manually or with a computer program that allows you to add or delete users, store the user data, setting auto lock and unlock, and extract audits.

2. Ecoflex Mortise Lock Technology from ASSA ABLOY

In addition to offering significant security, it results in a 97%  reduction in power consumption in comparison with other standard electrified locks and reduces operating cost. It is suggested for the electronic access control applications, including an integrated hard-wired or battery-powered lock. The system is reliable; it eliminates the risk of voltage drops and inductive kickback.

3. The Kwikset Juno

This is one of the most acceptable options that serve you with safety, security, and easy accessibility. It belongs to the highest grade of residential lock security, along with the opportunity to rekey the locks for security reasons or convenience. The set comes with a doorknob and a single cylinder deadbolt. This top-seller lock is available in multiple finishes and famous for its smart key system. Users appreciate its easy installation and the quality fit and finish it provides.

4. Yale Assure Lock

For smart locks, a touchpad is being used instead of a keypad. Yale Assure Lock offers the same convenience in a smaller and slimmer profile. Higher degrees of temper resistance would make it hard for thieves to break into your home. If you forget the key, feel free to take the benefit of the electronic access code. This smart lock works with so many Z-Wave products for the smartest home compatibility.

5. PIN Genie Lockly Keyless Entry Smart Lock

If you ask someone the main downside of a modern keyless smart lock, it would be the wireless connectivity. Most smart locks don’t offer full-time remote control and all-time monitoring from anywhere in the world because of internet connectivity. But connecting to the internet is impossible or unwanted sometimes. However, this item offers operating the lock through the next best thing to wifi, Bluetooth. This is one of the most straightforward options available without any need for internet connectivity. Using an app, you can lock/unlock the door and monitor the access status anywhere you want. It can remember eight separate short time codes with an expiration date for individual access.

6. August Smart Lock

Locks usually come with a big profile, including a door handle and twist-lock, but August Smart Lock offers you something small that minimizes the device’s face. If the door you want to lock is short or need some secondary protection, this security item is for you. It’s a great way to add full intelligent functionality. Very few locks are there with Alexa support voice control compatibility, this lock built-in that technology and activity tracking and multiple user profiles features. It slips over your existing deadbolt that facilitates an easy installation process.

The newer and more sophisticated technologies make our homes safer and more comfortable to monitor than ever before. It becomes possible to control and monitor your home lock anytime from anywhere. Many locking options exist in the market, including exterior door locks, singular deadbolts, and devices that fit over the existing ones. If you are to buy a new lock, a smart lock is worth considering.

Features of the locks vary from one to another; it’s the level of security, usability, and accessibility that will define the perfect lock for you.

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