How to Choose a Keyless Door Lock

In recent days, a lot of individuals switching from traditional entry methods to keyless door locks. There are a few good reasons behind this alteration. One of the reasons that chiefly account for this alteration is that conventional key entry methods pose a security threat from burglars and criminals. Breaching the security of these traditional entry methods is not quite difficult now. But, this case is totally different in the keyless door lock. In keyless door lock, users just have to remember the right combination of pins and that’s all.
Another main advantage of keyless entry door lock is that they can easily be operated by remote control. The remote control keyless door lock is usually used with deadbolt lock type.

Users can easily open the door by pressing the button on the remote control. The remote controls are similar to the keyless entry system for certain automobiles. Usually, the keyless door lock comes with two remote controls, but users purchase an additional pieces from the retail shop. Just keep one thing in mind; this type of remote control only works at some distance from the home, this is practically a good solution to open the door when your arms are full with shopping bags.

There are certain parameters of the keyless door lock system that must be taken into account before investing in some type of keyless door lock. Here, we have given some useful tips that will certainly help you to get your hands on your desired keyless door lock:

Important Parameters of Keyless Door Lock:

1) How does it operate:

This is the most important parameter in selecting the keyless door lock system. In recent days, keyless door lock comes with both mechanical and electrical types. Both types of keyless door locks have their own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical type of lock does not use any battery and it does not require any complex wiring and electrical circuits. The mechanical door lock can handle one pin code at a time. Multiple pin codes cannot be used on this type of mechanical door lock.

On the other hand, the electrical door lock consists of electrical wiring, circuits and battery. The overall features of the electric keyless door lock are more attractive than the mechanical type. One of the attractive features is that the electrical keyless door lock is equipped with a backlit light that enables the user to enter the required combination on pin code in the absence of an external light source. Moreover, this type of lock can handle multiple secret codes at a time.

2) Deadbolt or Latch Bolt:

The keyless door lock system also comes with the option of the deadbolt and latch bolt. The deadbolt lock needs to be locked manually by turning the knob of the lock, while the latch bolt automatically locks the door when the door closes. Nowadays, the deadbolt door lock comes with a number of features that users can configure according to their needs and requirements. One of such features includes that the deadbolt will lock after some time when the door closes.

3) The Handle:

The keyless door lock comes in a number of handles as a lever and a doorknob. Just must pick that type of handle that best suit your needs and requirements. The lever handles come with a long lever and a doorknob type comes with a round handle on the outside.

4) Single sided or double-sided locks:

The keyless door lock comes in two options: single-sided and double-sided lock. The double-sided keyless lock has the button pad on both sides, while the single-sided has the button pad on one side only.

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