Top 5 Popular Interior Design Trends

A room can give you a consolatory feeling at first glance…or at first touch! We want a room which screams our personality and makes us feel like – we’re home and we’re never leaving.

With the upsurge of interior design trends these days, it’s sometimes hard to pick which ones are actually in or not. But there are, however, the superlative ones which stand out from the rest.

If you’re in the middle of designing your home’s interior, here are the top 5 popular trends you should check out.

1. Personalized Walls and Spacesfloating wall shelves

A room is an extension of your personality and a reflection of the kind of lifestyle you have. Personalized spaces are apparently embraced nowadays. An impersonal room can feel like you’re confined to a hotel (unless that’s what you want).

A brilliant idea is to put up wall pallet decors of family rules to remember and follow. You may toggle between a rustic design, a vintage pallet design, or even a hand painted wood gives the room a soothing feel.

The Living room is the most important place in the house; a large wall art for the living room will leave an excellent impression on the guests. Wall decor paintings will emit a positive vibe in the room and will surely be a conversation starter. This way, you will encourage an environment of warmth, and it will also give a beautiful makeover to your dining room. It is the perfect place for any still life painting because sitting here, we often contemplate and talk to each other. Having food can be an intimate affair, and with a still life painting of your choice in the background, it can become a life-changing experience every meal!  Pick an art gallery website to find the latest style painting online for your home space.

2. Furnishing Ideas that Attract

No one wants to weave into the mundane cluster, you want to be able to emerge from the bunch. And in interior design, your rooms should do just that. Bold floors and statement ceilings will definitely catch one’s attention the moment one sets foot in the room. You can give the ceiling a bold color and the walls or floors a patterned design.

Botanicals are also in today so why not give your throw pillows and cushions a plant-themed appearance?

Gone are the days with bulky furniture, now is the time for ottomans and sleek-designed furniture which maximizes your floor space!

3. Textures, Textures, Textureswall wallpapers

Textures in interior designing refer to the material’s surface characteristic. You could have the same sized cushions in the same color but if they come in silk, woven, fringed, or embroidered forms; then you’ve got texture!

Texture can spice up your home and shouldn’t be neglected because not only is it alluring to look at but it’s also very touch-igniting. You can choose between a modern and a rustic design. For the former, opt for a smooth and glassy surface, and a coarser and native finish for the latter.

4. Vintage Never Grows Old

Interior design can blend the most modern features into vintage accents and would still come out perfectly stunning. And truthfully, vintage artifacts and accents never grow out of style. Look for the best vintage accents and make them the room’s focal point. There’s just something about a vintage design that gets us all pacified.

5. Green is the Color of EnergyUse Green Color

Whether it’s your living room, dining room, or bedroom; integrating floral accents always gives life to the dullest of days.

You can place oversized plants in the living room, or small plants beside your television set. Align some succulents in your kitchen or office area. What about hanging planters above the dining table? If you want to step it up a notch, you may even design your walls with a botanical wallpaper! Do not forget to ‘go green’ with the best solar generators. Apart from being beauty-conscious, it is always great to save money and energy.

These are just some of the tweaks you can do to liven up your home and give it a little oomph. But always remember to never conform to what society dictates. Be true to yourself and follow your heart in decorating your home.

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