What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colour For 2021?

The kitchen is the heart of the home for almost every homeowner. One unmistakable part of any kitchen is the cabinets. Cabinets in the kitchen are either a focal point or meant to blend in seamlessly. Those that blend in forfeits the spotlight to other features like the countertops or other elements of the kitchen.

Cabinets in the kitchen, being a most important part of the kitchen it should look appealing. A great looking kitchen boosts up your cooking mood. So, lets have a look at the cabinet colours that are in trend for 2021.

Here are the top 10 cabinet colours of 2021 and why

10. Dusty rose

Throughout 2021, atypical colours like dusty rose have soared to popularity, thanks to popular inspiration sites like Pinterest. Homeowners are striving for difference rather than utter sameness. Uncustomary colours like dusty rose are perfect for any homeowner looking to rock a different look in their kitchen. With that being said, pink is not for everyone, and it is definitely a more challenging colour to pair with other elements.

9. Grey

grey colour kitchen cabinets
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Grey cabinets are the perfect classic and neutral option. Grey easily pairs with just about every single other colour and finish. When you’re truly in a bind colour-wise, grey is almost never a bad choice. That being said, it’s also nothing particularly special. Grey cabinets can be spiced up by changing the hue, though. A darker grey is definitely a bold choice and will add to your communal space.

8. Black

When you choose a matte black cabinet colour, you immediately choose drama. The black is still a very neutral colour that is easy to pair with different countertops and appliance finishes. It can be the star of the show or remain a background element in the kitchen. Keep in mind that black cabinets are a more modern option and don’t necessarily fit with traditional style kitchens.

7. White

white colour kitchen cabinets
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

White cabinets will never go out of style, they are a blank canvas. White cupboards come in a variety of styles, from very traditional to contemporary and modern. White cabinets are typically always an option and tend to be on the cheaper side. They, therefore, fit in with just about every kitchen budget.

6. Wood

This next option might be a bit of an unfair choice. Wood comes in a number of different colours, densities and grains. So by saying “wood,” we refer to just about a hundred different combinations of wood cabinetry. One thing is true about all wood cabinets though, they keep a neutral appearance without being boring. Wooden cabinets also last for a very long time, just be careful when you’re cleaning that you don’t damage any finishes.

5. Yellow

Yellow cabinets really make a statement in your home. A bright yellow set of kitchen cabinets isn’t for everyone but if you are looking for a uniqueness factor, look no further! When you include ambitious yellow cabinets, you need to take into consideration the entire style of your kitchen. Each element must be deliberate, and when executed properly, it looks incredible.

4. Cream

Cream-coloured cabinets almost made the top three because they are so timeless. Not quite white and not quite yellow, the cream colour fits into every single kitchen with ease. Cream-coloured cabinets reflect natural light so beautifully and redistribute it around the room. It pairs best with wood floors and stone countertops. But overall, this is one colour that just won’t ever go out of style!

The top three may not be anything you expected but we promise that these cabinet colours just might be a perfect surprise. Each is unique in a different way, but it’s that same uniqueness that creates the ideal stand-out kitchen.

3. Two-toned

two toned kitchen cabinets
Photo by Agnieszka Urban-Pogorzelska from Pexels

Two-toned cabinets are a great option for any homeowner who can’t pick one single colour. Let creativity roam your kitchen with multi-coloured cabinetry. There are several ways to split up the colours. Create dimension by making your upper cabinets one colour and lower another. Looking for something different, use colour on one wall of cabinets and a separate colour on the rest. Our favourite kitchen tone combinations are black and white, blue and white, and black and grey.

2. Green

Green cabinet colours might seem a little bit out of the ordinary, but that’s the best part! Green is the perfect colour cabinetry for a kitchen with wooden countertops and wood flooring. When you have green cabinets, they are definitely the star of your kitchen. Opt for a softer sage green rather than a bolder one to soften the image.

Drum roll, please… The top colour cabinet for 2021 is….

1. Grey-blue

grey-blue kitchen cabinets

Light grey cabinets with a blue hue have been a hot commodity this year. They combine all the best elements of a number of other colours. Greyish blue hues are still neutral enough to match a number of different flooring and counter options, though they offer a hint of colour and modernity. Their cool-tone keeps the kitchen space looking clean, spacious, elegant and functional. Grey blues look incredible with stone countertops and stainless steel appliances. These are the top 10 choices for 2021, but what will next year hold? One thing is for certain though, great installation is so much more important to create an amazing kitchen than colour is.

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