The Importance of Great Photography When Listing Your Land

The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words has never been truer that when it comes to creating an effective land listing. When marketing land properties, quality photos can be the difference between getting a fast sale or having a property sit on the market for months or years without any action what so ever.

In the age of internet consumerism, customers are taking to the internet to begin their real estate related searches, often bypassing local brokers or real estate agents to help them find a property. With real estate listing aggregators such as Zillow or Trulia, potential buyers are often flooded with possible options for their real estate purchase. With this being the case, how well you can grab the attention of your potential buyers will help set your listing apart from all the others showing up in your prospective buyers search result.

The following are some key reasons why you should start with great photographs when listing your land:

They help target out of state buyers

Depending on the type of land and target price point, it’s not uncommon for land buyers to purchase a property sight unseen. Unlike home purchases, vacant land doesn’t require a home inspection, making it easier for a buyer to decide to buy your land without ever having visited it. Land is often purchased based on factors such as location, the price per acre, and utilities, for future development or investment. Under these circumstances, how well you can provide the experience of having visited the property without leaving home can make the difference in making a sale. Having plenty of high-quality images from as many different vantage points as possible that highlight the main features of your land can help target out of state buyers and increase your geographical exposure.

Generate more interest on land listing sites

Most people these days begin their search for land online. Land sites such as LandWatch, Lands of America, Land and Farm, feature hundreds of thousands of land listings making it very easy for your land listing to get buried in the sea of results that fill the pages of your prospective buyer’s search. High-quality images that show your property in the best light will help your listing stand out above the rest. Choosing a great photo of your property is especially important when it comes to your thumbnail or featured image. Choosing a picture of a fantastic view or with the right lighting and composition will increase the number of clicks to your listing, increasing the likelihood that you’ll connect with your ideal buyer. Site filter allow users to choose the property location and characteristics they are looking for, let your high-quality images do the rest.

Quality images up the value of your property.

In the online real estate market place your media, which includes great photos are arguably your most valuable marketing asset. Property listings with the best images get the most interest and subsequently, the most clicks and time spend viewing your listing. Your ability to generate more exposure by attracting more interested prospects increasing your potential of receiving favorable offers. In the case of targeting remote buyers, great pictures can have a significant impact on the perceived value of your property when paired against comparable properties that lack quality images.

Great Photos set a favorable first impression of your property.

Great photos help set a favorable first impression. Quality images help get your buyer interested and excited about your property. Offering plenty of great photos allows you to show the best qualities of your property. Photos taken at the right time of day, during the right season, or showing the best features of the property will help form a positive impression in the mind of your buyer, which will go a long way towards getting you more showings and more offers from potential buyers. When buyers believe your property is the one from the get-go, things are much more likely to go your way later on in the process.

Tip for getting great photos

Plan your lighting

One of the number one tips for getting great land photography is picking the right time of day to shoot. You want to avoid direct overhead sun, especially in dryer climates or during dryer months of the year. In these cases, direct overhead light can make your property look dried out, and the photos tend to look overexposed. Instead, shoot in low-level lighting in the morning or late afternoon/early evening which is referred to as the golden hour. Plan ahead for the driving time and time needed to shoot up to avoid shoot when it’s too bright or has gotten too dark.

Frame the shot

Photo composition is a crucial component of great land photography. Using the rule of thirds to frame your shot you ideally want 2/3 of the photos to be composed of the land itself while leaving the additional 1/3 for the sky. You can use features such as trees to help frame your shot and focus the camera out into wide open clearings on the property when possible. Avoid taking portrait formatted or panoramic photos as most real estate listings feature landscape formatted photos.

More is better

In the case of land photography, more is better. Modern day digital cameras offer plenty of storage space, so you’re better off getting as many photos as possible and deleting what you don’t need later. Taking as many pictures as possible from different vantage points and camera angles will help ensure you get the right shots needed to show off the best feature of your property. Make sure and take pictures of the road access to the property and any utilities that are on or near the property. Shooting views from the property with zoom lenses or using wide angles lenses to help capture panoramic views will help create a better sense of what the property looks like in person.

If you are looking to list your land, make sure to start with great photos. Great photography is a real difference maker when it comes to getting the attention of your prospective buyer. With the increase in internet-based real estate searches having attention-grabbing photos and media will help your land listing stand out and can help you get your land property sold. Spend the time and money getting great pictures of your land; it may be one of the best investments you ever make.

John Jeffreys

John Jeffreys, is an expert in the world of real estate. With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the market, he has become a trusted source for valuable insights and advice on buying and selling properties. Through engaging posts and articles, he share practical tips and expert guidance, helping individuals navigate the complex process of real estate transactions.

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