Angled Bay Window Radiators – How to Choose & Style Them

When renovating your home, bay window radiators are generally not likely to be on your mind. Before you realise your mistake, it is probably too late and you’ll end up with a space with compromised and inefficient heating. This means you’ll be giving up on your comfort level which doesn’t sound reasonable. 

Sure it’s slightly challenging to get the shape and angling of bay window radiators just right, but with professional help and some handy tips discussed below, you’ll soon be equipped with choosing and styling these nifty heating systems just the way you prefer. 

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at how installing angled bay window radiators in your home can benefit you.

Choosing the Right Angled Bay Window Radiator – Here’s How!

If your bay window is not curved, you can opt for angled heating solutions for the available space under your window. While there are several design options you can experiment with, it is best to get them customised for your home space. This way, you can rest assured that the new radiators will fit like a dream as they align with the specific size and dimensions of your home. 

When it comes to style, either you can put your aesthetic radiator on display or there are other options if you wish to conceal them. You can buy bay window radiator covers or retrofit your installation to serve as a seating space, to get more functionality out of it overall. 

Curved Bay Window Radiators Benefits

Curved window radiators are tailored to the specific shape and size of your bay window. While this limits your heating options, it offers you the benefit of installing a very bespoke radiator that’s customised to suit your needs. 

When choosing a modern bay window radiator, you need to select the right type, style and design that’ll complement the curves and angles of your window

Let’s take a look at a few benefits that’ll help make your decision easier!

1. Versatile & Flexible

If chosen correctly, your angled column radiators will prove to be an outstanding solution that’ll help you make the most of the model and design of your heating solution. They are not only highly efficient and pocket-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing with different finishes and colours to experiment with. 

2. Space Efficiency

Maximising the available space in your home without compromising on its appearance is always at the heart of every interior design. If done correctly, curved radiators can open up more space while adding a charming effect on your overall aesthetics. 

With angled radiators, you’ll have more room to arrange your furniture as you see fit while being able to make the most of the view, the space and the warmth it offers. 

3. Enhance Visual Appeal

Since curved radiators reinforce the graceful curve of the bay window, they add to the aesthetic appeal even further. Angled radiator installation helps get rid of the cold airflow coming in from the bay window. Since it’s installed right under your window space, the cold air doesn’t stand a chance to enter your home. 

Curved heating solutions are durable, comfortable and elegant, not to mention their artistic design adds to your home’s appeal and appearance.

Styling Your Bay Window Space

Bay window radiators are increasingly becoming a popular choice in modern and contemporary homes, thanks to the beautiful and spacious arch the walls provide. Since curved walls can either be polygonal or square in shape, they can be a wee bit tricky to fit and style a heating solution in.

With the right curved radiator, you can transform your angular space into a cosy home office, a comfortable reading nook, or a small yet lively garden. Since bay windows receive a lot of sun exposure, you can make the most of all the natural light you receive. 

All things considered, you need to get a radiator that will complement your space irrespective of how you wish to use it. This is why it’s important to collaborate with professionals who can get the fittings and dimensions, just right. 

Look for heating professionals who offer tailor-made, bespoke solutions that are made to measure, and designed specifically to suit your bay window. 

Curved Radiators – A Great Investment

Choosing to install a radiator that offers a continuous wrapped look around the wall will offer a more finished and clean look, giving off the illusion of having a much wider and larger bay window space. It is a design option that is guaranteed to give your home interiors a more complete and wholesome look. Since there’s so much at stake, your curved window radiators are nothing short of a thoughtful investment that pays back tenfold. 

Ensure that you watch videos on how to create the perfect size template that’s specific to your window. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy and straightforward the entire process is. All you need to is a marker and a roll of paper. Get your bespoke angled radiator installed today and start enjoying the various benefits it brings to the table.

John Lang

John Lang is a Certified Arborist, a Certified Treecare Safety Professional, and also a member of the Friendly Tree team[1], a family-owned New Jersey tree care service, dedicated to the thoughtful and careful maintenance of your trees and shrubs. Friendly Tree Service has been in business for 26 years and remains passionate about trees and nature. With a highly trained staff that treats every property as their own and state of the art equipment, Friendly Tree is on the cutting edge of the art and science of Arboriculture.

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