Essential Factors To Consider Before Home Lift Installation

Installation of a home lift is a good move, not only adds a modern appeal to your house, but it also guarantees better accessibility. The overall process becomes easier if you have adults at your place; they can help you managing the tasks with ease. Now, if we talk bout the benefits of home lift installation, it boosts property value by up to 25%. With such a multitude of benefits, adding a home lift is a good decision. Still, again, it needs proper planning and research beforehand. In this blog, we will focus on some of the key pointers that you can add to your checklist.

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Helpful Tips Before Home Lift Installation

1. Type of Lifts

Before getting started with the home lift installation process, you should do the basic research about the different types of lifts available in the market. Remember, residential lifts are different from commercial ones. And hence, you must assess your needs before jumping onto any decision. You must discuss your requirement with the home lift supplier, and they will guide you with the best option.

The popular choices include

  • Roped hydraulic residential lift
  • Pneumatic vacuum elevators
  • Winding drum & counterweight chain drive lift

Based on your requirement, you can make the right call.

2. Space Occupancy

The next important parameter that comes into our list is the lift’s space. This depends on the type and model of the lift. For example, hydraulic lifts don’t need much space. Since the engine is installed above the lift, you don’t have to dedicate a separate space for it. So, you can assess your requirement and space availability beforehand and then make a final call. 

3. Safety Features

The Home lift installation is definitely a valuable addition to your property, however, you must not compromise on the safety features. You must check the credibility, reviews, and ratings of the supplier before coming to a decision. They should do the proper installation of the lift. Lift installation includes site visits, risk assessment and then installation. The lift installer will prepare a site-specific drawing that will have a detailed overview of the building.

4. Customization of the Lift

Every home is different. You would want a different design that would easily harmonize with the look and appeal of your house. When you are looking for a home lift provider, you must speak to them about the customization feature. For example, some may want LED lighting in it, some people want a glass structure, while others may be okay with stainless steel. Irrespective of the choices, you must speak to the company about whether they can suffice your requirements.

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5. Cost of Installation

The next important parameter on your list is the installation cost. Home lift installation is a costly project, and hence, you must first dedicate a budget for it. Having your requirements penned down will help you better comparison and then make the right call regarding your purchase. 

6. Customer Service

When you install the lift, you must always ask the company about the customer service. Any malfunctioning in the lift can impact the accessibility to your building which will add to the trouble. Make sure that you ask the company if they provide 24*7 customer service. A professional company would always ensure that its customers don’t face any hassle. 


As you can see, there are multiple reasons to do home lift installation. Especially, if you’re thinking of home modifications for seniors then lift is the first priority. It adds a flavour of luxury to your home and makes your house a safe and accessible place to live. In short, lift installation is the best way to increase the accessibility to your property. So, what are you waiting for? Bring the change in your house with modern the trendy lift installation today.

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