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My home is my castle. Spellcaster Maxim shares this point of view, making special review about kitchen design. According to him, the process of kitchen design is very important for each house and every woman.

The science about right kitchen arrangement furniture is really exists. So, Spellcaster Maxim can explain everything in details. You can do it in a particular special room. Each of us has in the apartment or house kitchen. The only place where the whole family meets with friends, romantic dinners or just a room for intimate fellowship with his thoughts for a cup of coffee.

Largely about the comfort and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen speaks proper and rational placement of kitchen sections, additional decor elements and accessories. Depending on the room layout, there are various requirements as to the placement of furniture in the kitchen. How to furnish the kitchen properly? This question is relevant for most consumers. Maxim gives you answer absolutely for everything.

There different variants of kitchen design. You can choose any according to your wish or possibilities. Of course, you want not only maximize efficient use of space, but also observe the fine line between functionality and the “rebooting” of the interior. And most of all it takes to reach the maximum of comfort and convenience.

Variants of kitchen furniture layout depend on the geometry of space. The most common are the following types of plan:

• Oblong kitchen
• Square room
• Non-standard configuration

Let`s start to consider with Maxim assistance every variant in details. How to furnish a square kitchen is interesting enough point. In the case where the indoor kitchen is a square, it should properly use the geometry of space. The most viable option would be to install island of the module.

Kitchen with a small island – is a technique that allows you to streamline space and improve the functionality of kitchen cabinets. The presence of “Islands” will dilute the symmetry of the square dishes. Most often on island module is the sink, and the rest of the space is given under the work surface. Do not overload square kitchen extra modules. It will be enough at the preliminary stage of planning the project clearly define the desired number of overhead cabinets and lower cabinets.

The best option and the most harmonious integration of the kitchen furniture into the overall style of the room is the arrangement of furniture in a “U” – shaped layout with island element. This furniture arrangement is can be the “triangle”.

Spellcaster Maxim prefers such kind of kitchen in classical style. He knows perfectly how to do it. The concept of the system is expressed in the rational use of space and minimizing time user. The essence of the system is the following. The kitchen space is divided into three main areas:

1. The storage of products.
2. Treatment area ingredients.
3. Direct cooking.

The best option is the uniform distance of the user from the three zones.The result is a virtual triangle, the vertices of which are three conditional points (listed above). Due to the large number of standard factory sections, you can make square kitchen.

Have you narrow and small kitchen? It is not a problem with experienced spellcaster Maxim. If the layout of the premises provides for the presence of a narrow space and an elongated rectangular shape, you should use a non-standard space with maximum efficiency. The most acceptable is the layout of kitchen modules, which are located along two walls. In this case, it is best to have two kitchen units joined by a common style of parallel to each other.

Strict U-shaped kitchen is also resolute for Maxim.
If the situation and size allow add a small island element, as an additional emphasis on the rectangular kitchen you can do it immediately. The rule “work triangle” in this case fully complied with: the user receives free access to three main areas, not making the extra effort. You can be between the two parallel kitchen designs atmosphere and to work in the kitchen.

Another significant question in kitchen design is how to furnish a kitchen of 9 meters. Spellcaster Maxim pays special attention for this topic. The most common among the types of designs is the kitchen with a total area of 9 square meters. These meters are able to accommodate not only the functional kitchen but also additional furnishings like kitchen table with chairs, designer accessories. Right to furnish such a kitchen is not easy – on one side a 3×3 area gives a lot of advantages to create the required kitchen units and it is necessary to consider the rational location of the kitchen modules. In this case, more appropriate is a corner kitchen set.

U-shaped designer kitchen! Now it is simple with Spellcaster Maxim. He gives very value advices. Let`s regard them. According to Maxim review you should avoid traditional trapezoidal corner models, because they reduce the working space. So you can ask with curiosity how to make a kitchen cozy? There are tips in this article. What types of lighting in the kitchen there, and what details should highlight the headset in the first place – read right here of course. It will be the best variant to use angular segment, which will consist of two tables, arranged at right angles to each other. This arrangement provides a number of advantages:

• Saving space and streamlines;
• Expanding the working area;
• Unifies the space;
• Allowing the user to comfortably be in the kitchen

Today, furniture industry proposes to the customers a great diversity of choice. You can become a possessor of any modern design decision. You can create your proper world of comfort and beauty. But don`t forget that you really need advices of wisdom and experienced person. This characteristic is about Spellcaster Maxim. With him you are capable to achieve different results, but only positive. Spellcaster Maxim`s assistance is the best decision for you. It is a step to improvement, the key to success.

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