New and Trendy Granite Kitchen Countertop Designs

Counter tops are integral “in house” constructions that are much given attention to. A counter top may be constructed of various materials with varied attributes of durability, functionality and of course aesthetics.

Previously kitchen countertops were basically wooden or made of something ornate. It’s high time to realize that ornate and fussy is out of style. When it comes to home decor these days, the clause of functionality is considered the prime. Additionally, a sleek style is equally important.

Countertops, head turners for the Kitchen

If something is important that you should work on while the project “decor your dream kitchen” is on then that is definitely the countertop that needs to be attended. A perfect countertop truly imparts a kitchen its ultimate custom look. According to Richard Brooks, president of Brooks Custom, a Mount Kisco company that specializes in surfaces, “When people enter the kitchen, the first thing their eyes go to are the countertops.”

Go for Granite

 One of the hardest and most durable of stones Granite, are an all time best. Trend followers will be aware of the fact that granite countertops have been popular for what seems like ages now. There is always an embrace for granites as it is sturdy, light weight and most importantly scratch resistant. According to the reports of the folks at Home Innovation, affordable granite MN is gaining popularity not only because of its stylish look but also that it is priced at the expense of laminates, tile or any other such solid surfacing. As 2019 unfolds, it’s a given that there’ll still be plenty of demand for granite in the kitchen.

Black granite Kitchen Countertops

An all time favorite is the black granite countertop which gives the entire space an embellished shine with its smooth and refined surface texture. The black “cut edge” granites are one trendy stylish pick.

White Granite Kitchen Countertops

Having a little grayish overtone this granite type often makes an ideal surface for the grey trend users. White granite is also for those who are installing black or black-and-white kitchens.

Pearl White Chinese granite

Quarried from China, this combines the incredible beauty and durability of natural Pearl White granite with the lightweight and similar to the easy use of aluminum honeycomb. This beautiful pearl white colour is an excellent choice to use as countertops for an aesthetically long lasting impression.

Easy maintenance and clean up

Cleaning a granite countertop is the easiest and fuss free job one that even a fifth grade can do. Just to keep in mind that using of abrasive cleaners or bleaching are a strict no. microfiber cloth or mild warm water is all you need for daily wipe downs and that’s all. Your granite counter top is all shiny as new again.

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