3 of the Best Plants for Your Office Desk

With so many of us working at home, there’s no reason why our home offices need to look corporate, boring and ‘officey’. 

Those of us who do have to leave the house to go out to work might have to sit in a dull, grey room all day but remote workers can make our work environments as pleasing as we like. 

This includes furnishing our home office space to our own taste, with as many plants as we can cram in, if that’s what we want. 

As well as being attractive, plants are natural, healthy air-cleaners that bring a bit of greenery inside. 

But different plants have different needs. Some like light, some hate it. Some will die the moment they need water but others can be left for weeks and will perk back up when you remember them. 

Home offices are often rooms that aren’t occupied all that often, meaning your plants can often be forgotten about.

So, which plants are best for our desks?

Below are three plants that will thrive in your home office and won’t take up too much space on your desk. 

1. Succulents

succulents plant for office desk
Succulents Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Okay, so ‘succulents’ isn’t one specific plant but a type of plant. Succulents has thick, fleshy leaves that store water. 

Because of a succulent’s ability to store water, they make great desk-mates. Succulents are hard-wearing and come in a large number of varieties, size, shape and colour. 

If you’ve got a height adjustable desk that you frequently adjust up and down, you’ll find plenty of small, cute succulents in tiny pots that won’t be in danger of toppling off as you change your desk’s height. 

Succulents can thrive in most environments but they do like a bit of light, so if your desk is near a window, your succulent will thank you for it. 

2. Peace Lily

peace lilly office desk plant
Peace Lilly Photo by HOerwin56 from Pixabay

Peace lilies are extremely popular plants. Their popularity comes partly from how easy they are to care for and partly because they’re beautiful with their broad green leaves and white flowers. 

If you’re not very good with plants, the peace lily is for you. Even the most un-green-fingered amongst us will find it difficult to kill a peace lily, as they’re difficult to under- or over-water and don’t need much light. 

So, if your desk is in a gloomy room that’s only used when you’re working, making it likely your plants will be forgotten about when you’re away for a while, the peace lily is your perfect work companion. 

3. Cacti 

cacti plant for office desk
Cacti Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

Like the succulents and peace lily above, cacti are also difficult to neglect. In fact, cacti absolutely thrive on neglect. After all, they’re used to the desert where they don’t get much attention. Because they’re used to the desert though, cacti do like a lot of light, so a window desk is ideal. 

Given cacti’s spiky nature, a large desk is also ideal so the cacti can be kept out of the way, lessening the risk of you getting spiked as you reach for your coffee. 

There are plenty more plants that make great desk-mates but these three are easy to look after, look great and will add a bit of nature to your workspace.

Emma Morre

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