Best 6 Window Treatment Ideas for Small Spaces Apartment

When property managers are preparing units for potential tenants, they want to make each apartment look its best. A common problem is making a smaller space appear more spacious. One way to easily approach these issues is by adjusting the window treatments to create an open, airy, and welcoming living space. However, choosing the wrong treatment could result in a room that appears dingy and cramped.

Below are ideas from Denver’s #1 commercial window treatments for small spaces apartment to help you narrow down your choices for your next design project.

Drapes or Curtainschoosing the right curtains

Property managers may choose to brighten a small place with drapes or curtains. Choose short, light-colored curtains for small rooms. Ruffles add a nice touch but avoid layering the fabrics too much.

Sheer curtains, for instance, are ideal for tiny rooms. They are light in color and the translucent fabrics allow in plenty of sunlight. They provide a bright and airy feel, creating a spacious appearance. Don’t try to get fancy by tying them back, but rather allow them to flow freely, which will appear particularly beautiful when a breeze stirs them. If the window opens directly across from another unit or a busy walkway, your tenants may prefer more privacy. In this case, or if the window is in the direct line of sunlight, you can add a pair of light-colored curtains with the sheers.

If you want to add a little flair to your smaller units, you can do that without making the room appear small. Remember to keep the color of the fabric on the lighter side of the color wheel. Choose stylish metallic rods, trendy curtain ties, or interesting accessories like tassels. It’s also a good idea to hang the curtains closer to the ceiling and wider than the window frame to add to the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Window ShadesStained Glass Windows

Window shades come in a variety of types, which can allow you to choose one that is right for your apartment complex. Cellular shades, for instance, provide insulation to help with energy costs but also let a good amount of light into the room. Blackout shades, on the other hand, are not a good idea for smaller rooms. While they can be ideal for bedrooms as they completely block out sunlight, they may make a smaller room appear gloomy and confined, even before the furniture is moved in. Instead, choose roller shades in other materials, such as fabrics, paper, or bamboo.

Plantation Shutters

Property managers often overlook plantation shutters, but due to their strength and their tidy appearance, they make a great choice for small-sized windows. These simple window treatments allow in sunlight when wanted and are perfect for those who want extra privacy.

Choose a lighter shade of shutters, like beige or ivory. Avoid selecting white window treatments, as they tend to show dirt and dust easier, which may make the whole room appear dingy. However, the horizontal slats on plantation shutters make the walls appear broader and the room as a whole look larger.

Venetian Blindsmotorized blinds for home

Blinds are a good option for small spaces because the horizontal slats create the illusion of a wider room. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and sizes to fit the needs of each room in each apartment unit. Venetian blinds are easy to clean, so many property managers choose white for their apartments. White is a light color that makes a room appear bright and roomy, and it matches any color scheme that a new tenant may choose.

You may choose to pair vinyl blinds with sheer curtains. Be sure that the curtains do not reach the floor, which could make the room appear to shrink in size. Instead of resorting to typical vinyl blinds, you can choose from different materials such as bamboo or wooden blinds. You may even choose cordless blinds, which work well on smaller windows, provide an uncluttered appearance, and are safer for families with children or pets.

Layering Options

As mentioned above, layering is not always the best option for small spaces; however, in some cases, it can be effective for creating a cozy space in your small units.

Curtains can be combined with plantation shutters or cellular shades to create a beautiful look as well as combining the benefits of each. Your tenants will appreciate the options for light control and privacy. They will also have the ability to improve their energy savings by drawing the curtains during hot summer days and throwing them open during the cold winter months. The insulation provided by these layered window treatments can keep the interior cool when it’s hot outside, and if it’s cold, you can let in the sunlight and warmth.

Be sure that the curtains you select do not hang too low. The material should come just below the window frame. Use materials that are lighter in hue, not bright color schemes. Brilliant tones will draw attention and can make a room look smaller.

Suggestions for Small Bathrooms and Attics

Improving the look of attic spaces – whether they are part of a duplex or an efficiency space in a complex – can improve the chances that a prospective tenant will sign the lease. When properly prepared, an attic can extend the usable space in a unit and be effective as something beyond just a storage room.

In most cases, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues in attic spaces; however, in some cases, the windows may be aligned with the top windows of other units or buildings. Roller shades are a great option, both for attics and bathrooms, as they provide easy access to outdoor light while allowing complete privacy when needed.

In tiny rooms such as bathrooms or attics, it is sometimes effective to turn the window into a focal point. You can do this by choosing a thick fabric with an interesting pattern or design on it. When outlined by the window frame, this creates a stylish look that enhances the overall beauty of the space.

Final Tips

When selecting blinds for small spaces, you have a variety of choices that can help you make the apartment appear more spacious. Before you select which window treatment will look best in your apartments, consider the following tips:

  • Remember to choose lighter hues. Whites, light grays, beige, and pastels work perfectly in smaller spaces. Brighter colors will draw the eye to the window, making the room look smaller.
  • Be consistent. Do not switch between window treatments in a single room. This can create a conflicting appearance, which results in a cluttered and haphazard design.
  • Match the interior. Your window treatments should match the paint on the walls and trim. Be sure that the whole room remains neutral in style so that your tenants’ furniture is sure to match well.
  • Keep it simple. Choose window treatments that are clean and classic. Don’t overcomplicate things with too many layers or frilly accessories. Go for a simple, light look.

Choosing the right window treatments for small apartment units can help you establish a beautiful, cozy space for future tenants. Vertical lines, light colors, and proper installation can ensure that you offer your borders a place that they will happily call home.

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