Advantages of Installing Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are made of two glass layers with inert gas sealed between the panes. The composition creates an insulation that is two times that of single glazed windows. Double glazed windows are designed to admit solar gain and reduce heat loss. The product is beneficial during summer and winter months.

Energy Efficiency

The construction of double glazed windows reduces the incoming and outgoing heat flow. Less energy is needed to cool down or heat up a space. Lower energy bills result. The thermal resistance reduces heat escape in the winter, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. In the summer, there is a reverse effect. Double glazed windows prevent the unwanted heat from entering the home.

There is less reliance on air conditioners and artificial heaters. The temperature of the glass affects the comfort in a room. Unwanted outside temperatures cannot transfer as easily through double glazed winds. The temperature of the windows is near room temperature.

Condensation Issues

Double glazed windows are especially useful in areas of high humidity. Humid air contacting a surface having significantly lower humidity causes water droplets to form. Moisture on warm window surfaces forms droplets that turn into frost when the temperature reaches the freezing point.

The room feels colder, and occupants adjust the heat. The air between double glazed window panes and an airtight seal aid in preventing condensation build-up by blocking cold weather moisture. Double glazed windows retain heat longer than single panes and prevent frost from forming. The need for normalising the temperature with heating systems is reduced.

Resale Value

Enhanced resale value is the result of homes fitted with double glazed windows. Buyers want a home that has sufficient insulation material. These windows make a home desirable to buyers. Updating with double glazed windows gives older homes a more modern look.

The value of a home with double glazed windows is apparent in the intangible aesthetics and in cash value. A ten percent increase in value in homes with an improved energy rating is typical. Savvy buyers understand that a modernised home having thermal technology is designed for long term sustainable property and worth buying. There is a difference between an investment and expense. Double glazed windows add value to the most important asset.


Seventy-five percent of burglaries involve breaking glass or forcing a window vent. That statistic makes double glazed window security an important topic. Double glazed units for the side or rear of the property are beneficial in warding off a higher risk of attack.

Double glazed windows provide peace of mind because of the level of security they offer. The glass makes forced entry difficult. If the glass breaks, it creates a loud noise. Double glazed windows have other security devices. They include side hinged security devices, double locking handles, and multipoint locks. Double glazed windows are a must have to protect a home and the valuables there.

Double glazed windows help to conserve and contain heat by keeping out rain and the wind and resisting condensation. They allow ‘free’ energy from the sun to aid in heating the home. Also, they increase the security and resale value of a home.

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