10 Decorating Solutions for Tricky Windows

Like everything else, options for window dressings have grown significantly over the years. However, if you have anything other than standard windows, it can be a headache trying to decorate them. These ten tips will help you dress even your quirkiest windows while giving you complete control over sunlight and privacy.

1. Motorized Shades

For windows that are high up or in hard to reach places, consider installing motorized shades. You’ll be able to control them with the touch of a button and you’ll never have to strain yourself to reach them again. Plus, they eliminate messy cords, giving your room a much cleaner and streamlined look.

2. Window Arches

Window arches are gorgeous additions to any home, but they can be a pain to decorate. You might have to spend a bit more, but you do have options: you can install a curved rod above the window for hanging drapes, which would accentuate and complement the window’s architecture. If you have multiple arched windows in a row, you can install one long rod over top of all them and leave the drapes pushed to the side during the day to enjoy the view.

3. Small Windows

Small windows seem like they’d be easier to dress, but they can present a real challenge: many window dressings can overwhelm them, or block much-needed sunlight from coming through. If you go with blinds, make sure to use narrower slats because the blinds can end up looking too chunky for such a small space. If you choose drapes, shorter fabrics will complement the window, whereas longer and thicker drapes can end up drowning the window.

4. Unusually Shaped Windows

Windows can come in all sizes and shapes, but unfortunately Home Depot only stocks the most popular sized window dressings. If you’ve got irregular windows, save yourself a giant headache by visiting a window specialist who can create custom blinds or window fittings to suit your needs. Throw out the measuring tape and let the pros do their jobs—the extra cost will be worth saving your sanity!

5. French Doors

Although elegant and beautiful, French doors can be quite tricky to cover. Because they open from the center, your options for blinds and drapes can be limited. If you want to invest a little extra, you can get permanent blinds installed on the actual doors—meaning you won’t have to hear the annoying slapping of the blinds against the door every time it’s opened. If you prefer drapes, you can install a rod overhead and have a set of drapes on each door, keeping them pulled open during the day.

6. Different Heights

While aesthetically pleasing, windows at different heights are a nightmare for decorating. For example, if there is one tall window in the center surrounded by two shorter windows, you’ll need three separate window dressings. You’ll want to showcase the architecture, but covering the windows in drapes will only smother it. Try using fitted woven blinds, which will complement the windows instead of drowning them.

7. Energy Efficiency

If you live in a colder climate, you might want to opt for heavy drapes to cover your windows. This will help keep the cold from seeping in through the windows while giving the room a cozy vibe. Warmer climates would do better with wide slatted blinds, which can keep out the heat and glare from the sun when angled the right way. Decorating your windows based on your climate will help your house naturally save money on energy and electricity—even more if your windows aren’t completely sealed.

8. Unsightly Sills

If your windows need updating, you can mask the problem by installing wider blinds that extend past the sills. You’ll end up with an interesting asymmetrical look, while covering up unsightly windows and sills until they can be fixed.

9. Windows Facing East

If, by faulty design, your bedroom windows face the rising sun and you can’t get any sleep, you might want to consider Venetian blinds. The heavier slats do a sturdy job of blocking out all sunlight—so you can get some sleep. There are tons of color options, as well as faux wood stains that look just like the real thing.

10. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are tricky because they’re always being opened and closed so you need a very flexible window dressing. Your best bet is vertical blinds that slide open and closed in the same direction as the doors. You can cover up unsightly rods and beams at the top with a colored or patterned valance to complement the room’s décor.

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