Why You Should Use Granite Everywhere

Granite is a very robust stone and it’s also reasonably priced. Moreover, it doesn’t stain easily, and is completely available in a wide variety of colours and designs. That is why we believe that granite can be utilized almost everywhere in your home.

Since granite is a hard stone, the material is mostly created for building statues or crafting stones. These days, granite is considered a reliable material used in kitchens and in most parts of a home.

Here are some of the best examples on how to incorporate Granite in your home:

granite_splashbakKitchen Countertops and Islands

Unlike the marble stone, granite doesn’t get damagedeasily or chipped; it would only need to be sealed every once in a while depending on how you use your kitchen worktops everyday. Granite can also endure heat, very easy to clean, andis water resistant. This natural stone can fit into any kind of homebecause of the absolute variety of style and colours available in the market.


The kitchen backsplash should be a strong barrier between the heat of the stove, cooking area and the wall itself. Granite is a great material for this! It is resistant to heat, it’s very easy to clean, andit doesn’t stain that easily compared to other stones. Besides, if your backsplash and countertopare granite, the continuity of the design would look really great.



To make your dining table uniquely interesting, add granite on top of it and you’ll definitely get lasting value and a brilliant piece of furniture. Granite tabletop would add a level of style and sophistication into your home.








Fireplaces are often the focal pointof your living room. Incorporating a granite mantle would instantly catch the eye of your guests, as there’s just something about granite that looks so refined and classy. Also, as the stone is heat resistant, you won’t have to worry about it being easily damaged.





Granite is quite resistant to water and moist. It’s not as absorbent as marble, so it’s not likely to develop water stains overtime which makes it a great material for a bathroom countertop.

Your imagination is the only limit on how you could utilize granite in your home. The available colours and texture makes it one of the most reliable stone in the market today. This natural stone isstunninglygorgeous and versatile that you can use it for almost anything! You can see a lot of great looking fully kitchen worktop at the Marble Store.

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