Things to Do After Hail Storm Causes Roof Damage

Hail storm can cause critical damages to your roof which may not even appear for a few days or weeks. However, the impact of these damages can penetrate into the roof surface to affect the foundation and structural integrity of the home. You need to be very conscious regarding hail storm damages to protect your roof from any disaster.

Here are some of the things which you can do to manage the roof damages after the hail storm.

Be Conscious & Alert

Instead of wasting your time in getting panic and pressurized by the situation, you need to stay alert and calm after the hail storm. Since it is done and dusted, you can’t undo the damage but you can prevent it from getting severe. So, hold on to your nerves and note the date and time of the storm. Be as accurate as you can to carry on the procedure properly. Moreover, it is wise to take photos of the damaged areas by keeping your safety requirements in mind.

Look for Licensed Roofing Contractors

Some things are better left to the professionals depending upon the severity of the problems. If you are not sure about your roofing skills, there is no point in wasting time and waiting for the disasters to happen. Instead, you need to start searching for licensed and reliable professional roofing contractors for roof repair Dearborn Michigan. They must have the relevant expertise to assess the roof damage caused by the hail storm.

It is also important to keep in mind that most of the scammers get the chance to do the roofing scams after storms happen because everyone is in hurry to get a contractor to fix the damages as soon as possible. So, it is even better and advisable to do a little homework beforehand to avoid these scams later.

Understand Roof Leakage Problem

Most of the hail storms end up causing roof leakages. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you don’t have a roof leakage, your roof is safe and protected. Most of the homeowners misunderstand the concept of roof leakage spots which cause delay in taking professional help. It is wise to call your professional for help instantly.

However, if you are able to detect a leak spot, you must tarp it immediately to prevent any further water damage. The other critical areas which might get affected by hail storm are windows, AC units, sidings, and flashing. You need to inspect these areas for the roof leakage or other damages.

Make an Insurance Claim

Some of the damages like missing and cracked shingles might get covered by your insurance company. The first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance company instantly to keep it updated and informed about your current roofing condition and get the money for the required repairs and replacement. If you become successful in filing an insurance claim right after the hail storm, you can save a lot of dollars.

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