How to Repair a Loose Door Knob

It’s a problem that you have gone through at some point of time.Sometimes, it might have turned out quite worse. However,instead of calling over a locksmith, you worried too much and messed up completely.But, there’s some quick fix, which you can do all yourself to repair your loose doorknob. We locksmith fort wayne Indiana always recommend to have your door knobs & handles functioning properly.

Things You Should Know Before Repairing Loose Door Knob

Before you start with the fix, there’s some important things to know about a loosened doorknob.

In the first place, if the doorknobs are little loose, the lock sets need to be fixed. In such case, you can simply tighten the knobs.

If the doorknob is few years old, you might need to change the entire knob. The mortise-style passage locks might need to be changed completely. You can also repair it if possible, but make sure that you hire an experienced locksmith.

Things You’ll Need to Repair a Loose Door Knob

For the DIY repairing you will only require a Screwdriver. It’s also known as Allen (hex) Wrench.

Steps to Repair the Loose Doorknob

    1. When there are lose knobs in the tubular or cylindrical lock set, chances are the knobs are either snapped onto a cylinder or are loosely attached into the lock set. So, when the knob feels loose, just tighten the lock set first of all. Diagnose the problem before you step further.
    1. For a mortise-style lock and lock set, just tighten down the square part of the spindle with a setscrew.It will prevent the knob from affecting the spindle when operated.
    1. With a normal screwdriver, you can loosen the setscrew in the sleeve.In some cases, an Allen (hex) wrench is required, if the situation turns out worse.
    1. Unscrew the knob so that the spindle is exposed and the setscrew gets its access on the other knob. However, the setscrew must be made tight.
  1. Now keep turning the knob as long as the spindle’s flat sides reach directly on the top. Once the spindle reaches the top, press the knob toward the door and hold it tightly against the trim and keep on threading the other knob onto the spindle. Make sure that the knob is in touch with the trim and then slightly turn it to align the setscrew with the flat surface of the spindle. Now screw the setscrew until it’s too tight.

And now that you are done, check if the door knob is functioning properly. In case, it requires some adjustments, just repeat the process mentioned above.

Still Struggling Find Out the Way?

Then call a verified locksmith to fix it. If you are in Fort Wayne or New Haven Indiana and need an expert help. Then we are always ON for you and will fix all the issues. Call 260-222-5505 for locksmith fort wayne & locksmith new haven.

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