Problems Faced by Houses Having Partial Gutter Coverage or No Gutters At All

When it comes to keeping the foundation of a home safe, many might assume it starts from the bottom up. However, the inverse of this is generally more the case. Issues with the structural components of a home’s foundation stem from the top down. An often-ignored part of a homeowner’s maintenance checklist is the culprit: gutter coverage.

Why Are Gutters Crucial?

Some homeowners might not include gutter maintenance on their home checklist. This is a major oversight that can drastically affect the integrity of a home. Without a good gutter system installed on a home, pooling water can cause significant damage to a home’s foundation.

In short, gutters are a management system for rainwater. A good system will redirect rainwater away from the foundation of a home. Without this redirection, a home might experience:

  • Basement flooding
  • Extensive water damage
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Bowing or warping of walls

These are just a few side effects of improper gutter coverage on a foundational level. The list extends upwards when looking at the roof of a home.

Protecting the Roof

Gutters are equally as crucial for protecting a home’s roof. Rainwater that collects on a roof tends to lead to side effects like rot, mold, or deterioration. As the water collects, it tends to travel down, leading to things like damaged windowsills and interior walls. At that point, general buildup of mold or grime is not far behind.

Having a good gutter system in place protects from the side effects of inclement weather. However, rainwater isn’t the only cause for concern. Improper maintenance of an already installed system can be equally as troublesome.

Gutter Buildup

In order to channel water away from the home, a gutter system must remain free and clear of debris. Buildup of leaves and debris is to be expected, but a clogged gutter can lead to some unexpected problems like ice dams or pest infestations.

Not to mention, buildup that gets left for extended periods of time will ultimately weaken the gutters leading to breakdown of the fascia board and the gutter itself.

Apart from structural damage, imagine walking up to a home with clogged and leaking gutters. In terms of home value, poor gutter systems don’t exactly make a home shine or boost curb appeal.

It’s no secret that the housing market has experienced a highly competitive few years. With home values jumping nearly 21% in the past year alone, prioritizing a good gutter system can help homeowners improve the value of their home while also protecting from potential structural issues.

Gutter Perfection

Ignoring something as crucial as a good gutter system can lead to heavy costs such as a foundation repair or roof replacement. The cost to repair a home’s foundation can range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000. Homeowners can avoid serious overhauls like this by simply focusing on the crucial maintenance list item of gutter installation or repair. Avoid the negative side effects of old or outdated gutters. The first line of defense from something as common as a rainstorm or something as simple as a buildup of leaves is truly a properly installed gutter system.

Kristina Bell

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