Patio Covers Your Ticket To Convenient Relaxation

Let’s face it, while patio spaces are made for outdoor enjoyment, when they are exposed to the sun without protection for even short periods of time they can heat up like an oven. Unfortunately this often makes them not only uncomfortable but sometimes downright torturous to try and relax on. Luckily patio covers solve this problem with a variety of consumer friendly options.

Big Benefits

Of course since they have a solid roof, covers not only keep you out of the sun but dry from the rain too, so you can use your patio when it is convenient to you. With one, you’re no longer at the mercy of the weather. Usually covers are attached to your house so you can literally step outside and into your favorite lounge chair regardless of whether its high noon or a rainy evening. This convenience is often the reason homeowners decide to go with one instead of other structures that require you walk across the yard to reach them. There are freestanding patio covers too however for those who have a patio that is a little further from their house.

What They’re Made Of

There are many materials to choose from so even if you’re known for being picky, don’t worry it’s not hard to find one you like. Wood was the most popular in the past and is still is very widely purchased by those who prefer a natural look. Various metals are always an option as well. You’ll find aluminum, steel, and even iron although aluminum is by far the most common as it is less expensive. While not considered as attractive as metal or wood, vinyl patio covers are picking up steam with their low cost and the fact that they do not need any care or regular maintenance.

Other Options

There are a few other ways to go if you’d like something other than the standard variety cover. Sail shades are very cheap and can be hung to cover fairly large areas. Many are also very trendy in appearance too, which is always a plus. Retractable awnings might be more your style if you prefer something that can be neatly stored after each use or in the colder months. And there are always DIY patio covers you can make from plans found online or in books.

In order to enjoy your outdoor space fully you need to be cool and of course dry. Patio covers will let you reclaim your outdoor area from the elements and make it yours to use whenever you feel like it. Whether you prefer vinyl, metal, wood, a sail shade, awning, or DIY option there is something to keep everyone feeling comfy.

Laura Ashley

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