Lighting Options for Your Garden

String lights are the perfect choice to adorn your backyard, patio, or even balcony. They are great for outdoor parties and summer weddings alike, as long as they are UV and water resistant.

The best outdoor light string out there largely depends on what you hope to achieve; thus, there are lights for the environment conscious, lights that can lower your energy bill, or that provide a safe evening environment for the kids, etc.

Contemporary string lights are cord, LED bulb, battery-operated or solar-powered:

Elegant lights

The traditional light string has a cord, but the shade comes in many different designs and the bulbs in various colors.

Galvanized shades in an elegant European café style are a great option for both indoor and outdoor use as they are weatherproof, and are also great for lighting a gazebo.

Commercial grade models can be quite expensive since their light sockets are weatherproof and strung on a long, sturdy cord that allows for extra strands to be added. Ideally, the cables and sockets are black so that they are unnoticeable at night.

Often, the string comes with the bulbs included. Smaller lights that use low wattage bulbs are a better option when you are looking for a dimmer glow. They also cost a lot less.

Fun, party lights

These range from multicolor mini string lights to paper ball lights, and all options are great for a fun night outdoors. Round paper string lights are very decorative, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, especially since you can connect several strands together. The key is to look for strings with a straight-line construction, so that the rest of the bulbs remain lit even if one burns out.

Battery powered LED strings

LEDs are great for several reasons, including their energy efficiency and the fact that they don’t attract bugs either. Unlike other bulbs, LEDs rarely burn out.

Multicolor mesh lights in red, green, blue and pink are perfect for most events, be it a patio dinner, a graduation party, a garden summer wedding, or a Halloween party. Look for globes with warm white LEDs inside that give out a soft, yet steady light. Moreover, each set should come with a battery box that enables easy installation anywhere.

Note that even though the light string itself is safe to use outdoors, the battery box may not always be. Sometimes, this is not waterproof, which means you should cover it before taking the lights out. Also, the required batteries are often not included.

Solar powered LEDs

When you let the sun charge your lights, you need no outlet, no extension cords, and will save money in the long run.

The best outdoor light string of this type is powered by the sun throughout the day, and lights up automatically at night; most can run six to eight hours uninterrupted.

Use solar powered LEDs to decorate anywhere and anything safely, whether you choose to set the strings up around the mailbox or a lamp post, or to dress up trees in your backyard.

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