How to Cut Glass Splashbacks to Size?

Glass splashbacks are indeed a chic addition to your home, but only when you cut it right. The apt shape and right fitting brings out the best of glass splashbacks. However, keep in mind that if it is tempered glass, cutting or scratching it will shatter it into pieces. Make sure that the glass has an etched marking before you cut it to fit in your house.

However, the process of glass cutting involves a lot of considerations.

Toughening Glass before Cutting

Before you cut glass splashbacks into different size, it’s important to toughen glass up to 1700mm. Toughened glass are often touted as safety glass, as it is 5 times stronger than glass that has not been toughened. One of the major benefit of using toughened glass is that when they are broken, they get shattered into small fragments instead of large sharp shards of glass, which cause major injury. Through the process of toughening, the glass goes through a thermal tempering process, were it is heated up to 700 °C and then rapidly cooled. The process makes the glass strong and durable.

Soaking Glass into Heat

Heat soaking of the glass helps the glass to explode under stress. Heating the glass also finds nickel sulfide particles in it. Thermal heating and rapidly cooling of the glass increase substantial tension in the glass surface. It makes the glass even tougher. Heat soaking is important as it saves the glass from impurities and removes about 98% of impurity out of it.

Color Paint the Glass

Once the glass is made tough and it is free from impurities, it is taken for painting. Once the entire glass is evenly painted, bespoke designs and sandblasting are done. To fit with your requirements, colour painted glass splashbacks is exactly tailored. When it comes to painted splashbacks, options are literally limitless and the final result of the products becomes undoubtedly spectacular. However, before you place your order for painted glass splashback cuts, check out the designs available online.

Cut it into Designs

Once things are done, it’s time to cut these pieces according to the fitting designs. Before you cut, check out what kind of designs will be aptly suitable for the places where you want to use these. If required, hire an interior designer to help you decide what actually goes with the theme of your house.

Whether you are looking for a door centre piece or a church stained glass window, getting a good design is extremely important.

Kristina Bell

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