9 Family Fun Activities to Try if You’re a Homeowner

Due to recent events, many families have spent too much time cooped up indoors. Below are nine family fun activities that are perfect for getting the family outside. These activities will have the family enjoy the fresh air while spending quality time together.

Let’s start with the Best Family Fun Activities to Try at Home

1. Cook Outdoors

Everyone has to eat, and a family that cooks outside is bound to have more fun than doing so in a traditional kitchen. For those with a larger budget, check out information about outdoor kitchens. There are other budget-friendly options like mini bbq grills and fire pits for those with no budget for an outdoor kitchen. Add a package of hot dogs, buns, chips, and a few lawn chairs, and enjoy a new and fun family cooking event.

2. Enjoy Movies in the Backyard

A trip to the movie can easily cost a family a hundred dollars or more. Drinks, popcorn, candy, snacks, and tickets all add up. Skip the traditional movie theater and instead enjoy a movie in the backyard using a white sheet and a movie projector.

3. Camp Outside

There is not a rule that says one must travel to a different location to camp. Break out the tent and the sleeping bags and enjoy a night under the stars in the backyard with the family. As a bonus, the family bathroom is just a few feet away.

4. Grow Flowers

Gardening is a hobby that will get the whole family playing in the dirt. This hobby teaches patience, and it can make the yard look nice. Take a trip to the local garden center, buy some flowers, and get the family together to make a garden.

5. Grow Food

While many people assume that people should grow only flowers in their yard, other people out there enjoy using their yard space to grow food for their family. Flowers are beautiful, but homegrown veggies can be eaten. Pick some seeds and gather the family to grow a vegetable garden. When it is time to harvest, the neighbors are bound to be jealous.

6.  Make a Simple Backyard Obstacle Course

Surprise the kids with a simple backyard obstacle course. Use tables, chairs, and whatever one has around the house to make the course. The family will enjoy crawling under things and climbing over objects for hours. The best part is that the course can be taken apart and redesigned as many times as the kiddos choose.

7. Design a Mini-Golf Course

Have the neighborhood kids jealous by building a simple mini-golf course in the backyard. Use disposable cups, cardboard boxes, plastic bins, and other random items around the house to build the course. The ball does not even have to be a golf ball; any ball will do to play.

8. Plan a Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is great for the family and costs only a few dollars in supplies. Fill up water balloons with water, store them in baskets around the yard, and get ready for an epic backyard showdown. As a bonus, socially distancing during a water balloon fight is easy to do, so even the neighbors could tag in.

9. Cornhole

Cornhole is another activity that is perfect for families with a backyard. Kids can improve their eye-hand coordination while focusing on getting the bag in the hole. People of all ages enjoy this game, and it can be played for hours on end.

In conclusion, everyone should aim to spend more time outdoors. Homeowners with a yard can use the nine activities above to get everyone outside, enjoying fresh air and sunshine. These activities are budget-friendly and fun for everyone.

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